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Rotabug Delivers Natural Enemies to Crops

Rotabug is a unique dispersal system for the efficient use of natural enemies in outdoor crops.

The effectiveness of natural enemies is optimized if they are evenly dispersed throughout the crop. Koppert developed the unique Rotabug dispersal system in order to make natural enemy dispersal even easier and more efficient in crops such as strawberries.

Rotabug-R is controlled from the tractor

Rotabug-R is controlled from the tractor

The system can be easily modified to suit specific situations and conditions.

Releasing natural enemies of pests such as spider mite or thrips is often a time-consuming activity. It is also not so easy to disperse them evenly throughout the crop. Rotabug makes it possible to release several types of natural enemies over large parts of the field in one pass.

The system guarantees uniform dispersal thanks to the constant quantity of material dispersed into the crop per rotation. The dispersal openings can also be adjusted quickly and easily. Optimum dispersal can therefore be assured every single time.

Two variants
Two versions of Rotabug are available: Rotabug-R (for “ Ride”), which is controlled from the tractor, and Rotabug-W (for “Walk”) for the dispersal of natural enemies over smaller areas of up to four hectares. Rotabug can be used to disperse products over four to eight beds in one pass.

Rotabug is a logical addition to the range of service products that Koppert has been making available to clients with other crops for some eight years now. It allows growers to apply natural enemies into their crops more quickly and more efficiently.

Rotabug will be launched at the Fruit Focus event, which will take place on Wednesday 23rd July.


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