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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 28 prime cattle, 4 young bulls, 21 over thirty month cattle, 2,583 prime lambs, 1,582 prime hoggs and 4,114 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th June 2014.


Light to 109.5p (109.5p)
Medium to 190.5p (173.3p)
Heavy to 173.5p (167.6p)

Light to 207.5p (199.2p)
Medium to 217.5p (188.9p)
Heavy to 178.5p (168.5p)

Young bulls 151.5p (141.3p)

Light to 177.0p (165.2p)
Standard to 233.0p (192.2p)
Medium to 218.0p (185.7p)
Heavy to 204.0p (180.3p)

Shearling 200.0p (173.2p)

Light to 272.0p (220.7p)
Standard to 300.0p (240.5p)
Medium to 285.0p (243.2p)
Heavy to 265.0p (246.6p)
Overweight 216.0p (216.3p)

Light to £82.00 (£61.98)
Heavy to £131.00 (£89.16)

Cast Rams £190.00 (£104.70)

Prime cattle again followed national trend and plainer sorts harder to cash but good quality still in demand. Top price to 217.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen.

Longtown cattle ring



Limousin 190.5p Low Hallburn.


Limousin 217.5p, 209.5p (x2) Dashwellgreen, 207.5p Low Hallburn, 205.5p Dashwellgreen.

Charolais 190.5p Plumpe Farm.

Angus 178.5p Burnside.

Bulls sold similar on the week to a top of 151.5p per kilo for Limousin from Waterhead of Dryfe.


Limousin 151.5p Waterhead of Dryfe.

Simmental 147.5p Waterhead of Dryfe.

British Blue 145.5p Waterhead of Dryfe.


A plainer show of cast cows saw trade a shade firmer and topped at 144.5p for a Limousin cow shown by Mr J. Watret, Burnside.


Limousin 144.5p Burnside, 130.5p Greystoke Castle, 128.5p Burnside, 124.5p Greystoke Castle.

British Blue 117.5p Laverhay.

Friesian 111.5p, 107.5p Peterscrook.


Limousin £867 Burnside, £859, £822 Greystoke Castle.

An unbelievable show of 2,583 prime lambs (1,500 up on the same sale last year) sold very well, although overall trade definitely easier on the week as more numbers come forward everywhere. Heavyweight lambs over 45 kilos short or requirements with the supply of lightweight lambs outstripping the demand today. Best quality export lambs keenly sought after and many more could be sold to advantage. Top of 300p per kilo for Texels from Netherplace and to £130 per head for Texels from Marry Vale and Cardew Hall. Overall average of 240.8p per kilo.


Texel £130 Marry Vale and Cardew Hall, £124 Becton Hall, £121 Riverhill, £120 Marry Vale and Netherplace, £119 Scathill.

Suffolk £126 Fenton Farm, £122 Long Strumble, £121 Riverhill, £119 High Balcray and Beechgrove, £116 Reaygarth and Scathill.

Greyface £112 Scathill, £92 Marry Vale, £91, £87 Barnshangan.

Oxford £104.50, £101, £90 Guards.

Charollais £99 Netherplace, £96.50 Scathill, £96 Knowe Farm, £93 Hallburn, £92 Jacksonrigg.

Bleu d’Maine £98 Guardsmill, £89 Low Esh, £86 Tarnside.

Hill Cheviot 212p Tarnside House.

Dorset £83 Scathill.

Jacob £72 Rockcliffe Cross.


Texel 300p Netherplace, 297p Cubbyhill, 295p Hollands, 291p Marry Vale, 289p Glebelands.

Charollais 275p Netherplace, 247p Scathill, 245p, 242p Hallburn, 236p Glebelands.

Suffolk 265p Long Strumble, 264p Kimmeter Green, 261p Carsegowan, 258p Reaygarth and Scathill, 257p Fenton Farm.

Bleu d’Maine 247p Low Esh, 246p Tarnside, 245p Guardsmill.

Oxford 238p, 231p, 220p, 215p Guards.

Greyface 236p Marry Vale, 233p Scathill, 228p, 221p Barnshangan.

Jacob 225p Rockcliffe Cross, 197p Ellershope.

Blackface 212p Cottage Farm, 204.5p Tarnside House.

Leicester 200p Nunscleugh.

Longtown sheep ring

Another large show of 1,582 prime hoggs were forward to a busy ring of buyers all keen for hoggs, especially those with flesh. Leaner types harder to cash but still finding homes. Top price of £108 per head for Texels from Maidencots, with a top per kilo of 233p for Blackfaces from Easter Dawyck. The overall sale average was 186.4p per kilo (SQQ 188.3p).


Texel £108 Maidencots, £106 Hyde Park, £104 Tetcott, £101 Hyde Park, £97 Marygate.

Oxford £97 Guards.

Greyface £95 Marygate, £89 Hyde Park, £88 Newington, £80 Riggshield, £79 Culquhasen.

Suffolk £94 Higher Centry, £100 Meadowview, £95 Higher Centry, £90 Culquhasen, £89 Cottage Farm.

North Country Cheviot £94 Hyde Park, £92 Catslackburn, £76 Culquhasen.

Hill Cheviot £92 Tushielaw, £85 Whinneyknowe, Cowburn and Catslackburn, £84, £81 Tushielaw, £80 Hyde Park and Cowburn.

Blackface £86 Easter Dawyck and Scotsbrig, £84 Easter Dawyck, £80 Close House, Maidencots and Thomas Telford Road, £77 Easter Dawyck and Maidencots.

Lleyn £84 Sloda Hill.

Swaledale £82 Ghyll House.

Beulah £80 Golden Lane.

Herdwick £76 Sloda Hill.

Leicester £70 High Frost Hall, £60 Easter Dawyck.

Easycare £60 East Fortissat.

Shetland £60 Port o Spittal


Hill Cheviot 212.5p Whinneyknowe, 207p Blackhaugh, 201p Sykehead, 197p Mainside, 196p Hyde Park.

Texel 218p Golden Lane, 210p Whinneyknowe, 204p Maidencots, 203p Newington and Shaftoe Moor, 202p Hyde Park.

Blackface 233p, 195p Easter Dawyck, 194p Newington, 193p Sykehead, 188p Maidencots.

North Country Cheviot 181p Hyde Park, 152p Culquhasen.

Greyface 184p Macherquat, 180p, 179p Branteth, 176p Culquhasen, 175p Macherquat.

Suffolk 200p Hyde Park, 196p, 194p Golden Lane, 191p Meadow View, 190p Newington.

Oxford 173p Guards.

Swaledale 188p Sykehead, 167p Deadwater.

Jacob 168p Hyde Park.

Beulah 174p Golden Lane.

Shetland 171p Port o Spittal

Herdwick 172.7p Sloda Hill.

Easycare 140p East Fortissat.

Leicester 135p High Frost Hall, 130p Easter Dawyck.

A larger show of 4,114 cast ewes and rams (1,300 more than the corresponding sale last year) saw trade for heavy ewes a couple of pounds cheaper with small ewes in strong demand. Rams sold at extreme rates and continued to be in demand. Top of £190 and £180 for a Suffolk ram from Castlemains, £150 Beechgrove; Texel £172 Highhall, £154 Hillside, £152 Hallbankgate Farm, £150 Castlemains; Charollais £170 Highhall, £142 Golden Lane, £134 Highhall; Roussin £168 Highhall; Lleyn £148 North View, £136 Scathill, £122 Whiteclose; Leicester £148 Nunscleugh, £122 Brownleazes, £114 Morley Hill; Oxford £134, £106 Guards; Blackface £130 Castlemains, £102 Brownleazes, £94 Peela Hill; Hill Cheviot £122 Buchtrig, £98 Catslackburn, £94 Mainside; Rouge £108 Scathill; Beltex £104 North View; Easycare £98 East Fortissat and Blackhaugh; Beulah £88 Golden Lane, £77 Howcleugh; Bleu d’Maine £80 Golden Lane; Swaledale £72 Morley Hill.

Heavy ewes to £131 for Charollais from Scathill, £114 Netherplace, £110 Maryholm; Texel £126 Harene, £124 Haithwaite, Peela Hill and Cubby Hill; Suffolk £118 Northview, £115 Glebelands, £114 Northview; Leicester £100 Brownleazes, £96 Morley Hill and Easter Dawyck, £90 Gapshield; Zwartbles £96 Cubbyhill, £93 Thorns, £82 Glasson; North Country Cheviot £92 Low Esh, £88 Anchor, £84 Buchtrig; Greyface £90 Scathill, £88 Hallbankgate Farm, £86 Marry Vale; Cheviot Mule £90 Haithwaite and Broomhill (Hird), £88 Marygate; Beltex £89 Maidencots, £88 Netherplace, £75 The Wreay; Oxford £88 Guards.

Hill ewes to £82 for Cheviots from High Frost Hall, £80 Potholm, £79 Mainside; Lleyn £81 Oaktree Drive, £73 Mallsgate Hall, £70 Sloda Hill; Blackface £80 Barnshangan, £76 Penpeugh, £75 Brownleazes; Easycare £73 Cowcorse, £70 Ringliggate, £65 Cowcorse; Jacob £70 Cowcorse, £60 Moon House; Swaledale £68 Morley Hill, £66 Roachburn, £65 Whitfield Farm; Herdwick £59 Hesket Demain, £56 Shielswood, £49 Sloda Hill; Welsh Mountain £59, £56 Shielswood.

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