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iD Projects Showcases Exceptional Hatchery Technology

iD Projects is introducing iD Visio, a candling system offering unparalleled accuracy and speed, to the Pig & Poultry Fair on 14 May 2014 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

Available only in the iD Visio machine, the technology is already well-established in the pharmaceutical industry and is capable of processing up to 100,000 eggs per hour*. It takes more than 1,200 surface measurements across the full surface of the egg top to identify and remove any clear eggs or non-viable embryos. It offers 100% reliable detection of infertile eggs and 90%+ detection of non-viable embryos.

iD Visio

iD Visio system

The new candling system minimises operator involvement by automatically calibrating to different egg sizes and only touches the eggs to be removed, thereby avoiding potential contamination of good eggs. Suitable for all avian types, it is compatible with all tray varieties and available in widths from 290 to 510mm.

A challenge that many hatchery owners face is managing the waste generated from infertile eggs and dead embryos. The solution from iD Projects is a liquid/solid separator which makes it possible to separate, recover and treat the waste liquid and the dry shell waste generated during the transfer process.

The recovered liquid waste, when treated, can be used within the pet food manufacturing process, and the dry waste can be used to produce fertiliser. Research is also underway to determine whether the shell can be used in poultry feed as a calcium additive. This process – already popular in France and northern Europe – offers clear commercial opportunities for hatchery owners. Not only do they benefit from a significant reduction in the volume and weight of waste they have to dispose of, but there is also the potential to sell on the recovered materials to end markets.

The compact and silent separator will connect seamlessly to the iD Visio candling system, offering customers a value-added bespoke hatchery solution.

To offer a complete package, an integral part of the service offered by iD Projects is the ability to work on all makes and models of Breuil equipment and there are several people on the team with expertise and experience of this equipment. In addition, iD Projects can supply a full range of spare parts for Breuil equipment and have the expertise to upgrade or modify the software.

This carries the benefit of utilising existing equipment and integrating it with the new iD equipment, which can lead to significant cost savings overall.

Vincent Fevrier, sales and marketing director of iD Projects, explains: “We are constantly examining current hatchery technology to see if there is a better, more intelligent way of delivering exceptional results. Our engineering expertise in this area, combined with the groundbreaking technology we have been able to utilise, has enabled us to do just that and deliver a unique package of equipment and machine servicing which, we believe, is second to none.”

*dependant on setter tray configuration

id Projects

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