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AtlasFram Group to Rebrand as Fram Farmers

AtlasFram Group, the UK’s foremost farmer-owned purchasing and marketing cooperative, will rebrand as Fram Farmers to reflect its strong growth, progressive approach and innovative programme of member services.

The new name will be adopted over the next three months and used in conjunction with a red, white and blue colour palette to emphasize the cooperative’s ‘Britishness’, the strap line ‘Great British Farmers Co-operating’ helping to further position the brand.

Chief Executive Richard Anscombe

Chief Executive Richard Anscombe

“We are a dynamic farmer-owned cooperative which operates purely in the best interests of our 1,250 members, who collectively farm more than 350,000 throughout the UK,” Richard Anscombe, Chief Executive explains. “Our unique area-based funding scheme provides a known cost of membership, rewards commitment and has helped us to grow significantly in recent years. We now attract professional arable and livestock farmers who recognise the value of belonging to a large, expertly-managed input purchasing and crop marketing cooperative operated entirely for their benefit.

“During the last three years we have developed a wide range of innovative services and risk management solutions, including 24/7 ordering through our new member website, forward purchasing initiatives for fuel, fertiliser pools and a programme to encourage greater participation by our younger members, who represent the future. To reflect the forward momentum which has built up within the organisation the Board decided that we needed a new name, one which underpins our vision and clearly identifies us as a farmer-owned cooperative.”

A comprehensive survey of over 400 members, peers and stakeholders identified that the majority favoured using a shortened form of Framlingham Farmers, one of the farmer cooperatives which amalgamated with others over the years to form the AtlasFram Group. Fram Farmers had long been the standard term for the organization amongst many existing members and with no regional connotations was an ideal choice for a farmers’ cooperative which now operates across 39 counties.

“We were delighted by the desire amongst our members to upgrade Fram Farmers from being an affectionate nickname to the official brand and will roll the name and style out over the next three months. I am very pleased with the outcome of our re-branding,” adds Chairman Serena Greenwell. “We now have a name that says “Farmers” on the tin, reinforces our focus and leadership within the cooperative sector and resonates very positively with our members, as well as the wider agricultural community.

“Adopting the strap-line ‘Great British Farmers Co-operating’ underpins our vision and ethos. “Great” represents our stated vision to be the nation’s foremost farmer owned purchasing and marketing cooperative. “British” underlines the fact that we now operate nationally across 39 counties as one of the largest farmer owned cooperatives in the UK. ”Farmers” underpins the essence of why we exist and “Cooperating” is what we hold dear and promote amongst members and other farming groups.”

The cooperative, which recently moved into new offices in Framlingham, currently purchases £190 million of products and services annually on behalf of its members. Included in this are approximately 45 million litres of fuel, 110,000 tonnes of fertiliser, 100,000 tonnes of livestock feed, agrochemicals to the value of £30 million, together with a wide range of other farm inputs, including agricultural machinery, tyres, workshop equipment, electricity, building materials, animal health products and mobile phones.

In addition to financial savings on a wide range of farm inputs, AtlasFram members also benefit from access to a team of product specialists. Working solely in the best interests of members, they provide expert advice on a wide range of farming-related issues, advise when to place orders to obtain the best discounts and ensure that products are delivered on time, to the right location. Members receive just one monthly invoice that shows all purchases, which further reduces the time and cost of administration.

Fram Farmers

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