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Remove Weeds to Get More Grass from What You've Got

Farmers looking to get rid of docks and thistles so they can maximise grass yields, can meet the experts from Dow AgroSciences on Stand 310 at the Grassland and Muck Event, to talk about the best options for their control.

"Grass is the cheapest feed in the farm, so it makes sense to remove perennial weeds as quickly and efficiently as possible," says Robin Bentley, the company's market manager for grassland. "The best way to do this is to apply a translocated herbicide targeted for the specific weeds present.

Control docks to grow more grass and reduce feed costs.

Control docks to grow more grass and reduce feed costs.

"Topping is not the answer. It is a temporary solution as the weeds grow back and in the long run is more expensive than spraying. It is also a waste of grass."

New herbicide
The company will also be presenting a brand new herbicide for future potential use on new sown leys. In recent years, many products have lost approval for use on this type of grass, the most recent examples being MCPA and Mircam Plus. The new herbicide will control a broad spectrum of weeds but is extremely safe to grass even when it is very young. Approval for use is expected early next year.

Weed App
The event will also be used to showcase the new Grassland Weed Manager App for use on Smartphones and tablets.

This will help farmers decide, while out in the field, which products are most suitable for the weed infestation in front of them.

It will also estimate the number of tonnes of extra silage that could be made if the weeds were not there, or the additional cattle or sheep that could be grazed if the fields were weed-free.


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