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Sandy Jeffrey Sets Up New Business Sourcing Prime Cattle

Sandy Jeffrey, a beef cattle specialist, well known on each side of the English-Scottish border, will be offering a unique, sales commission free, primestock placement service from his base at Wooler, in North Northumberland from the beginning of this month.

Sandy Jeffrey will take orders from a range of large meat companies operating within the UK – but the finishers who supply the cattle will not be asked for a handling charge because the procurement costs will be met by the processor instead.

Sandy Jeffrey

Sandy Jeffrey

“This completely new development makes sure that the right type of cattle are sold to the right company and will also save beef farmers money because I will not be asking them for any payment,” explained Mr Jeffrey who will be trading as Sandy Jeffrey Ltd.

“It is a huge step forward and is only made possible because the processors I work with are confident about my ability to select exactly the cattle they require and will meet my costs themselves because they know that more cattle of the type they need will be delivered.”

Sandy Jeffrey has been drawing beef cattle for more than 40 years and is keen to offer his skills and experience to cattle feeders who are anxious to earn as much from their stock as possible without surrendering the independent approach that preserves their range of selling options.

“There have always been advantages to delivering the right cattle to the right company but over the last three months they have never been more obvious,” said Mr Jeffrey.

“Each processor needs cattle that fit neatly with orders placed by retail customers and they are prepared to be very tough in price penalty terms with stock that does not meet these requirements.”

“Some major on Aberdeen Angus, some prefer other native breeds including Shorthorn and Hereford, while almost everyone has a place for well bred Continental steers and heifers.”

“There is a market for all types of cattle, including young, uniformly specified, suckler bulls – and there are outlets for dairy bulls too because my skill is knowing where to place all types of cattle to advantage.”

“Never during my lifetime in this business have I seen wholesale requirements that have been so specific. Young bulls must hit a narrow 12-16 month age band, only cattle on fat class 3 or 4L escape penalty, maximum weights can be as low as 380kg, while suckler bred cattle aged between 30 and 36 months can command huge premiums from some buyers but face heavy discounts with others.”

“However Sandy Jeffrey Ltd has adapted to this development by being ready to provide an independent, cost saving, service for prime cattle finishers who want to keep clear of these price pitfalls.”

“Payment is made by the processor directly to the consignor and this price transparency will reassure finishers that there have been no unexpected agent offtakes.”

“I will continue to handle stores, breeders and cast cows too but in this instance the service cannot be commission free and there will be a reasonable handling charge,” Mr Jeffrey added.

Sandy Jeffrey began working as a trainee at Berwick and Reston Auction Marts in 1974 before moving on to be a deadweight cattle buyer for the Fatstock Marketing Corporation (FMC).

In 1981 he worked as an auctioneer at Wooler Market before taking on the role of marketing director for the expanded County Auctions group – which included Wooler as well as Tyneside Auction Mart in Newcastle. Sandy continues to be an active member of the Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland.

In 2001 he became a partner in Glendale Livestock Ltd, which last year recorded a turnover of £6 million. He is setting up Sandy Jeffrey Ltd, because his partner has relocated.

He expects to be placing prime cattle finished in all parts of the North of England and Southern Scotland to a range of customers with whom trusted trading links have been established.

Sandy Jeffrey

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