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Krone ZX and MX Forage Wagons Unload Crop Twice as Fast

Every tractor driver is familiar with the situation - as he is dumping his load on the clamp, more tractor trailers are queuing up and the job should be finished really fast to keep the fleet rolling.

This is the situation where the new automatic fast unloading system on all Krone ZX dual-purpose wagons and MX forage wagons is a real boon.

Krone Forage Wagon

The technology is a unique Krone design, which drives the chain-and-slat floor at maximum torque and output. As the wagon is unloading, a sensor measures the pressure inside the hydraulic line that supplies the motor which in turn powers the chain-and-slat floor. When this pressure drops below a specified level, the floor automatically starts advancing at twice the speed, thereby feeding the crop at twice the speed to the tailgate.

This means that the new and automatic Krone system is a great relief for the tractor driver and cuts the time spent unloading on the clamp, thereby optimizing the general clamping management.


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