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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 75 prime cattle, 6 young bulls, 22 over thirty month cattle, 4,537 prime hoggs and 4,738 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 13th February 2014.


Light to 211.5p (162.4p)
Medium to 209.5p (178.3p)
Heavy to 206.5p (185.1p)

Light to 223.5p (177.4p)
Medium to 230.5p (194.3p)
Heavy to 215.5p (199.2p)

Young bulls 167.5p (162.3p)

Light to 34.0p (180.5p)
Standard to 277.0p (200.4p)
Medium to 248.0p (203.3p)
Heavy to 219.0p (186.1p)

Light to £64.00 (£46.32)
Heavy to £133.00 (£71.36)

Cast Rams £144.00 (£82.88)

A large show of 75 forward at the weekly sale of prime cattle saw a plain show sell to recent rates. Top price to 230.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs A. & W.J. Taylor & son, Dashwellgreen, others to 223.5p (x2) also from Messrs Taylor and all being purchased by Border Meats Wholesale Butchers, Lockerbie.

Longtown cattle ring



Limousin 211.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 205.5p, 194.5p Nether Onsett.

British Blue 209.5p Raeburnfoot, 195.5p Seafield.

Charolais 206.5p Fenton Farm.

Hereford 190.5p, 185.5p, 184.5p Seafield.


Limousin 230.5p, 223.5p (x2), 217.5p Dashwellgreen, 215.5p High Stenries, 201.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 196.5p Becton Hall.

Simmental 198.5p Seafield.



Charolais £1,424 Fenton Farm.


Simmental £1,250 Seafield.

Limousin £1,368 High Stenries, £1,250, £1,240, £1,175 Dashwellgreen.

Dairy bred bulls again on offer topping at 167.5p for a Simmental shown by J.A. & D. Forster, Gillalees. Top gross per head was £1,518.10 for a Simmental from C. Houldey, Kirtleton House.


Simmental 167.5p, 161.5p Gillalees, 161.5p Kirtleton House.

Black & White 165.5p, 163.5p Becton Hall, 153.5p Walton Highrigg.


Simmental £1,518 Kirtleton House, £1,172, £952 Gillalees.

Black & White £1,009, £989 Becton Hall.

OTM’s were a very mixed show of quality and saw the sale top at 177.5p for a British Blue sold by Messrs Rome, Shawhead.


British Blue 177.5p Shawhead, 107.5p Swaites.

Angus 159.5p Shawhead.

Black & White 145.5p The Stubb.

Limousin 123.5p The Nook, 111.5p (x2) Shankbridge End, 108.5p Swaites.

Charolais 119.5p Seafield.

Hereford 117.5p Seafield.


Black & White £1,018, £765 The Stubb.

British Blue £958 Shawhead.

Charolais £818 Seafield.

Limousin £815 The Nook, £752 Shankbridge End.

Angus £805 Shawhead.

Another excellent show of 4,537 prime hoggs (811 lightweights) were forward to the usual full ringside of buyers, best quality export weights dearer on the week with heavy hoggs also in stronger demand, more lightweight hoggs could have been sold to advantage. The overall sale average was 196.7p per kilo (SQQ 200.2p per kilo). Top was £117 per head for Texels from Muircleugh with a top per kilo of 277p for Texels from West Meiklethwaite.

Longtown sheep ring


Texel £117, £114 Muircleugh, £114 Pirntaton and Oldfield, £113 Pirntaton, £112 Muircleugh and Pirntaton, £109 Ericstane, £108 West Meiklethwaite, £107 Nunscleugh, £106 Nether Albie.

North Country Cheviot £105, £102 Ericstane, £101 Taldale, £99.50, £99, £97 Ericstane, £95 Taldale.

Beltex £100 Ericstane, £99 Cowcorse and Sorbie, £96 Sorbie, £90 Cardew Hall.

Suffolk £99 Upper Mains, £97 Sceughdyke, £95.50 Pirntaton, £95 Dunjop, Pirntaton and Becton Hall, £93 Sceughdyke.

Charollais £96 West Folds, £85 Hallburn, £80 North Deanhead.

Hill Cheviot £93 Potholm, £90.50 Henwell and Potholm, £89.50, £87, £86 Kilnford Croft.

Blackface £90 Glenbeg, £86 Milnmark, £83 Smalmstown, £82 Park Nook, £81 Smalmstown, £80 Upper Hindhope.

Greyface £90 Shatton Lodge, £85 Justicetown, £84 Maidencots, £83.50 Westburnhope, £83 Stubsgill, Thornthwaite Close and Allfornaught.

Leicester £90 Arnicle, £80 Allanshaws, £75 Spoutbank.

Cheviot Mule £82.50 Nether Stenries.

Swaledale £80 Stubsgill, £70 Newbiggin, £68 Brampton Fell, £67.50 Westburnhope, £61 Newbiggin.

Oxford £80 Guards.

Easycare £75 Synton Mains.

Dorset £70 North Deanhead.


Texel 277p West Meiklethwaite, 246p Stubsgill and Thornthwaite Close, 244p Muircleugh and Cardew Hall, 240p Nether Stenries, 239p Cardew Hall and Blackwoodridge House.

Beltex 263.2p Ericstane, 261p West Folds, 257p Cardew Hall, 248p Cowcorse, 240p Sorbie.

Hill Cheviot 229p Cadgillhead, 224p High Crubasdale, 221p Brae Edge, 219p Taldale, 208p Maidencots and Hawkhill.

Suffolk 215p Maidencots, 212p Nether Stenries, 210p Tarrasfoot, 208p Cara View and Bloch, 207.1p South Lambhill.

North Country Cheviot 209p Adderston Shiels, 198p Ericstane, 197p Roughet Hill, 193p Whiteknowe, 191p Higher Grenofen.

Blackface 205p Sorbie, 203p Smalmstown, 202p Maidencots, 200p High Crubasdale, East Skeroblin and Baurch, 199p Clonrae.

Greyface 202.4p Thornthwaite Close, 197p Glengennet, 196p High Crubasdale and Nunscleugh, 195p Thorns, 194p Upper Hindhope, 190p East Skeroblin, Allfornaught and North View.

Cheviot Mule 201p Nether Stenries, 186p Adderston Shiels.

Herdwick 186.5p Ashley Park, 183p High Lodore, 178p Mossband House.

Charollais 186p North Deanhead, 184.6p West Folds, 181p Hallburn.

Swaledale 179p Brampton Fell, 178p Westburnhope, 174p Stubsgill, 169p, 167p Newbiggin.

Easycare 178.6p Synton Mains.

Oxford 178p Guards.

Dorset 175p North Deanhead.

Leicester 174p Spoutbank, 154p Allanshaws.

A much larger show of 4,738 cast ewes and rams were forward to a fuller ring of purchasers. All classes of ewes again £2 to £3 sharper on the week. Plain ewes and hill ewes short of buyers requirements and far sharper on the week. Many more could have been sold to advantage. Tups yet again another £10 firmer on the week.

Heavy ewes to £133 and £126 for Texels from Thorns, £124 Muircleugh; Charollais £114, £100 New Mill, £100 Streethead, £88 New Mill and Streethead; Suffolk £104 Shaw Cottage South, £103, £101 The Land; North Country Cheviot £96 Quoyshakes, £90 Damside, £88 Allanshaws; Bleu d’Maine £95 New Mill; Half Bred £88 Marygate, £80 Haithwaite, £76 New Mill; Leicester £82 Snowsgreen, £78 Shatton Lodge and Cowcorse, £73 Morley Hill; Cheviot Mule £82 Muircleugh, £80 Sceughdyke, £77 Sherra Craig; Beltex £81 Cowcorse, £80 High Fell; Greyface £76 Sceughdyke, £74 Boswell House and Westerseat, £73 Castletown; Border Leicester £72 Justinlees; Oxford £60 Guards.

Light ewes to £64 for Cheviots from Tarrasfoot, £60 High Stenries, £58 Sorbie and Allfornaught; Blackface £60 Glenlea, £59 East Farm and The Side, £58 Orchard Mains; Lleyn £58 Guards, £50 Craigburn and Gall; Swaledale £54 Morley Hill, £53 Stonehall and Gall, £52 Beacon Rigg; Easycare £48 Synton Mains; Herdwick £42 Beacon Rigg, £35 Glenlea, £32 Red House.

Rams to £144 for Texel from Muircleugh, £120 Huntington, £116 Pirntaton; Suffolk £107 Longyester, £98 Streethead, £94 Woodvale; North Country Cheviot £106 Taldale, £98 Allanshaws, £94 Twislehope; Charollais £106, £105 Streethead, £100 New Mill; Leicester £87 Allanshaws, £86 Shatton Lodge, £78 Cowcorse; Hill Cheviot £84 Twislehope, £82 Skelfhill, £80 Milton of Dryfe; Border Leicester £82 Durran Mains; Blackface £74 Orchard Mains, £69 Longyester, £58 Glenbeg; Swaledale £64 Newbiggin, £58 Greystoke Castle, £56 Lilswood Cottage; Kendal Rough £60 Red House.

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