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Warning of Water Supply Contamination as Floods Subside

A warning that hidden dangers of floods contaminating private water supplies should not be ignored has been highlighted by a leading borehole company.

Flood water is devastating. It ruins homes and businesses. But there is a hidden risk. Homes, hospitals, factories, poultry and livestock farmers and food and drink processors are among many private supply users.

River Brue

photo: Edwin Graham

"Private water supplies need to be tested, particularly as flood waters begin to subside. A simple water test should be a priority after extreme weather conditions", said Brian Morgan, chief executive of Presteigne, Powys-based borehole installers WD & AD Morgan.


Private supplies can be at risk from flood water. Although they may be designed and managed to the same high standards as public water supplies, floods bring more immediate dangers.

Flood water may be contaminated with bacteria, protozoa, parasites, viruses (micro organisms) or other substances - which in turn can find their way into a private supply.

Contaminated drinking water can:

  • result in changes in the flavour and odour of the water
  • reduce the effect of medicines or additives administered in the water
  • result in interactions between the contamination and the additives
  • reduce the uptake of water
  • can result in the formation of toxins
  • increase susceptibility to disease
  • result in a great deal of unnecessary damage

The company has a freephone advice number, 0800 5427613, to help homes or businesses concerned about their private water supply.

Cleaning water

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