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Global Bee Health Unit Created

SynTech Research is responding to the increasing world-wide issues of pollinator health by creating a Bee Health Unit based at its HQ site in Stilwell, Kansas, USA.

The Company announced today the formation of a dedicated capability, with global reach, for laboratory and field research on honey bees and other pollinators, using staff with extensive expertise in these studies.

Bee Health

During 2013, SynTech created four new pollinator study positions, including a Bee Health Manager and a Pollinator Field Trials Coordinator. It now has 23 staff with the relevant expertise throughout Europe, the USA and Latin America, including six Study Directors and 15 Principal Investigators – with more planned this year in the USA and Asia. The Company has research agreements with several internationally-recognized bee health experts from academia, and has forged relationships with eight beekeepers in California, Kansas, France, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

SynTech has expanded its pollinator laboratories in France, and is establishing a dedicated Pollinator Laboratory at its research center in Stilwell, Kansas. Ten permanent staff in these two laboratories will offer a comprehensive range of acute and chronic studies on all stages of honey, bumble, and other bee species.

SynTech also offers Higher Tier semi-field and field studies in the USA, Europe and Latin America, including residue studies on bee-relevant matrices and evaluation of side-effects on bees and their broods. The new in-house analytical capability at Stilwell will provide analyses of bees, bee products, plant and soil matrices.

These services, plus SynTech’s existing expertise in project management, allow provision of complete study programs, from protocol design through implementation, including sample analysis, QA and submission of final reports. Eric Ythier, Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager, will lead the Unit.


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