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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 25 prime cattle, 7 young bulls, 31 over thirty month cattle, 4,810 prime hoggs and 5,780 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 9th January 2014.


Light to 166.0p (166.0p)
Medium to 238.5p (224.5p)
Heavy to 204.5p (197.8p)

Light to 205.5p (205.5p)
Medium to 235.5p (210.0p)
Heavy to 220.5p (188.6p)

Young bulls 177.5p (165.0p)

Light to 221.0p (187.8p)
Standard to 240.0p (190.1p)
Medium to 225.0p (177.2p)
Heavy to 189.0p (166.5p)

Light to £61.00 (£40.72)
Heavy to £131.00 (£64.48)

Cast Rams £128.00 (£72.44)

An increased entry of prime cattle sold to an easier trade, although in keeping with national trend. Bullocks topped at 238.5p for a Limousin shown by D. & R. Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill and heifers to 235.5p for a Limousin from W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House.

Longtown cattle ring



Limousin 238.5p Balgray Hill, 227.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 206.5p Low Hallburn.

Charolais 204.5p Fenton Farm.


Limousin 235.5p Houghton House, 234.5p, 220.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 220.5p Balgray Hill, 213.5p Houghton House and Low Hallburn, 211.5p Houghton House.

Charolais 219.5p Plumpe.

British Blue 209.5p, 200.5p Low Hallburn.



Limousin £1,478 Balgray Hill, £1,342 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1,317 Fenton Farm, £1,197 Low Hallburn.

Charolais £1,431 Fenton Farm.


Limousin £1,367 Balgray Hill, £1,300, £1,278 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1,248 Houghton House, £1,216 Low Hallburn, £1,162 Smallholms, £1,149 The Ash, £1,142, £1,131 Houghton House.

British Blue £1,224 Plumpe, £1,223, £1,173 Low Hallburn.

Charolais £1,137, £1,130 Plumpe.

All dairy bred bulls forward with a good proportion over 16 months. Black & Whites sold to 177.5p from T. & M. Irving, Becton Hall.


Black & White 177.5p, 171.5p Becton Hall, 165.5p Cambeck Hill.


Black & White £1,195, £1,106, £1,073 Becton Hall, £998 Cambeck Hill.

A larger show of OTM’s forward continued to sell at recent rates with many dairy cows forward, meat was scarce. Top price of 197p for Limousin from Messrs Ritson, Swaites.


Limousin 197p, 183p Swaites, 178p Nunscleugh, 100p The Ash.

Angus 180p Westwinds, 115p Eldinhope.

British Blue 160p Maulscastle and Nunscleugh, 115p, 109p Maulscastle.

Montbeliarde 130p Jerriestown.

Black & White 104p Hethermill.


Limousin £1,152, £1,143 Swaites, £1,103 Nunscleugh.

Angus £1,314 Westwinds, £736 Eldinhope.

British Blue £1,136 Nunscleugh, £824, £763 Maulscastle.

Montbeliarde £968 Jerriestown.

Black & White £780 Hethermill.

A larger show of 4,810 prime hoggs (863 lightweights) were forward to the usual full ring of buyers who were far more cautious than the previous two weeks. A lot more heavy hoggs forward proving harder to cash as large amounts around everywhere. Export hoggs still a good trade but slightly easier than the last few weeks as the pound strengthens against the euro. Lightweight lambs easiest to sell on the back of a buoyant store trade. The overall sale average of 179p per kilo (SQQ 183p per kilo). Top was £109 per head for Texels from T.A. & R. Laird, Cambwell with a top per kilo of 240p for Texels from D.E. & J. Birkett, Hexpath.

Also sold today was a pen of 4 hoggs kindly sold by Messrs J.P. Fisher, Smalmstown, Longtown to raise money towards the Farmers’ Charity Auction to be held at Borderway Mart on Friday 24th January, the hoggs weighed 44 kilos and raised £99 each purchased by Mr James Thompson, Penrith.

Longtown sheep ring


Texel £109 Cambwell, £104 Kilncroft and Little Burtholme, £103 Kilncroft, £99 Smalmstown, £95 Hallburncroft, £93.50 Hexpath, £93 Cambwell and Baltier.

Suffolk £96 Hallburncroft, £88 Fenton Farm, £86 Cowburnrigg, £85 Cumcrook and Becton Hall.

Charollais £89 Blackhamilton, £79 Knowe, £76 Becton Hall and High Parkfoot, £75 Jacksonrigg.

Beltex £87 Blackhamilton, £85 Sorbie, £84.50 Upper Duddlewick.

North Country Cheviot £86 Wester Dunnet, £81 Potholm, £75 Newtown, £74.50 Gospel Hall, £73 Broomhillbank.

Hill Cheviot £80 Sorbie, £79 Potholm and Henwell, £75 Sorbie, £73 Falnash.

Greyface £76 Bloch, £75 Powheads, Justicetown and Jacksonsrigg, £74 Spoutbank, £73 Nunscleugh.

Rouge £73 Waltonwoodhead.

Blackface £73 Balgray Hill, £71.50 Smalmstown and Spoutbank, £71 Cranberry Brown, £70 Amod, Sorbie, Broomhope and Balgray Hill.

Cheviot Mule £72 Gospel Hall, £60 New Hall.

Leicester £72 New Hall.

Swaledale £72, £70.50, £70 Roachburn, £70 The Bog.

Herdwick £72, £70 Longrow.

Half Bred £71 Dodgsonstown.

Dorset £70 Roughtor Farm.

Lleyn £69 Gatehousecote, £68 Low Tipalt, £67.50 Broomhillbank, £66 Haythwaite Lane, £62 Low Tipalt.


Texel 240p Hexpath, 231p Killocraw and Cadgillhead, 230p Oakwood, 226p Killocraw, 225p Smalmstown.

Beltex 228p Upper Duddlewick, 226p Sorbie, 222p Upper Duddlewick, 213p Sorbie, 212p Blackhamilton.

Hill Cheviot 221p Allfornaught, 207p Pennersaughs, 203p Falnash, 200p, 198p Pennersaughs.

Herdwick 206p Newington, 187p Ashley Park.

Rouge 202.8p Waltonwoodhead.

Cheviot Mule 195p Allanshaws, 178p Gilston and Station Yard.

Blackface 194p Newington, 188p Skelfhill, 183p Spoutbank, 182p Arnicle and D’Mainholm, 179p Mitchellhill, Maryholm, Sorbie, Peela Hill and Balgray Hill.

Charollais 194p Newington, 189p Upper Senwick, 185p Knowe, 175.7p Doveden Hall.

Suffolk 193p East Murkle, 189p Cumcrook, 186p Auchaleek, 185p Howthat, 184p Newington.

Greyface 186p Thorneyland, 184p Killocraw, 181p Auchaleek, 178p Newington, 175p Balgray Hill.

Swaledale 180p The Bog, 172p, 164p Roachburn, 163p The Bog, 160p Sunday Sight.

Lleyn 178p Broomhillbank, 172p Low Tipalt.

Herdwick 176.5p Newington, 171p, 167p Longrow.

North Country Cheviot 176p Wester Dunnet, 173p Gospel Hall, 166p Broomhillbank, 163p Newtown.

Half Bred 165p Dodgsonstown.

Cheviot Mule 164p Gospel Hall.

Leicester 160p New Hall.

A larger show of 5,780 cast ewes and rams were forward to a smaller ring of buyers, all classes slightly easier on the week but still sold at good rates. Export and smaller ewes most obvious change on the week.

Heavy ewes to £131 for Texels from Kilncroft and Soonhope, £128 Keith, £126 Sydenham, £122 Orchardton Mains; Suffolk £108 Keith, £96 Sydenham, £88 Allfornaught, £87 Soonhope; Charollais £106 Thackwood, £99 Clackmae, £94 Thackwood; Beltex £88, £84 Keith, £80 Sydenham; Cheviot Mule £84 Hermitage, £75 Cronklea, £73 Kennetsideheads, £72 High Glen Triplock; Leicester £82 Quarry House, £80 The Steel Farm, £76 Quarry House; North Country Cheviot £79 Olrig Mains, £78 Orchardton Mains, £76 Seaview, £75 Orchardton Mains and Bardnaclaven; Zwartbles £66 Miller Hill; Greyface £62 High Glen Triplock, £61 West Wharmley, £60 Manor Farm, £59 Graden House, West End, Aikton Farm and Sceughdyke.

Light ewes to £61 for Blackface from Quarry House, £57 Kirkhouse, £55, £54 Quarry House, £54 Almagill; Hill Cheviot £59 Haythwaite Lane, £56 Rosgill Hall, £54 Clackmae and Colmslie Hill, £52 Skelfhill; Kendal Rough £57 Chapel Farm; Jacob £54 Manor Farm, £47 Haythwaite Lane, £45 Manor Farm; Swaledale £47 Coombe Crag, £43 Denton Mains, £42 Chapel Farm, £41 Farnbury; Easycare £47, £46 Kennetsideheads.

Rams to £128 for Texels from Cara View and Soonhope, £120 Falla, £118 Orchardton Mains; Charollais £112 Soonhope, £80 Cara View; Leicester £104 East Cragside, £100 Midtodhills, £95 The Steel Farm; Suffolk £96 Guards Mill, £88 Langton Lees, £82 Skelfhill; North Country Cheviot £94 Bardnaclaven, £82 Whiteknowe; Beltex £80 Walkerdyke, £76 Doveden Hall, £74 Peter House; Blackface £64 Arnicle, £62 Troloss, £60 The Steel Farm; Hill Cheviot £62 Bloch, £58 Soonhope, £56 Cara View; Swaledale £50 Batey Shield.

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