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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 12 prime cattle, 3 young bulls, 3 over thirty month cattle, 4,202 prime hoggs and 4,317 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 2nd January 2014.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 231.5p (231.5p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 231.5p (226.2p)
Heavy to 229.5p (222.7p)

Young bulls 198.5p (180.3p)

Light to 207.0p (196.4p)
Standard to 259.0p (201.0p)
Medium to 246.0p (187.8p)
Heavy to 223.0p (174.3p)

Light to £64.00 (£45.80)
Heavy to £136.00 (£68.22)

Cast Rams £140.00 (£84.59)

Prime cattle again in short supply and many more could have been sold to advantage with plenty of keen bidders insuring averages were 20p up on the week. Top price to 231.5p on three occasions, first for a Limousin bullock from J.F. & I. Armstrong, Nether Onsett, then Limousin heifers from T. Armstrong & Son, Sceughdyke and W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House respectfully.

Longtown cattle ring



Limousin 231.5p Nether Onsett.


Limousin 231.5p Sceughdyke and Houghton House, 230.5p Houghton House, 215.5p Houghton House.

Charolais 229.5p, 221.5p, 216.5p Sceughdyke.



Limousin £1,389 Nether Onsett.


Limousin £1,359, £1,357 Houghton House, £1,307 Sceughdyke.

Charolais £1,537, £1,295 Sceughdyke.

Bulls were short of requirements and trade took a big jump. Top price of 198.5p for a Limousin x Friesian from Messrs T.B. Imrie, Harelawhole. Black & Whites over 16 months sold to 165.5p also from Messrs Imrie.


Limousin 198.5p, 173.5p Harelawhole.

Black & White 165.5p Harelawhole.


Limousin £1,131 Harelawhole.

Cows were scarce with no meat on offer selling to 91.5p from J.G. Vevers, Peterscrook.


Black & White 91.5p Peterscrook.

British Blue 69.5p Kilnhill.

A smaller show of 4,202 prime hoggs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers. A lot more heavy hoggs forward which sold to recent high rates, export hoggs slightly easier apart from the best kinds with small hoggs up to 35 kilos in strong demand, averaging £2. For all those that made the effort to get hoggs here they were rewarded with a sound trade throughout, the overall sale average of 188.6p per kilo (SQQ 194.2p per kilo). Top was £116 per head for Texels from Snowsgreen with a top per kilo of 259p for Texels from Low Lonning.

Longtown sheep ring


Texel £116 Snowsgreen, £110 Winterhope, £101 Kirkhouse, £100 High Parkfoot and Hermitage.

Beltex £101 East Cliff, £99 Cowcorse, £92 The Firs, £90 Hyde, £89 Walton Highrigg.

Suffolk £99 Slealands and Cowcorse, £97 Hallburn and Reaygarth, £96 Hyde.

Charollais £94 Wick, £93 Slealands, £87 Upper Senwick, £86 Hallburn, £85 Upper Senwick.

Hill Cheviot £89 Kirkhouse, £80 Catslackburn, £79 Kirkhouse, £74 Catslackburn, £72 Cottage.

Greyface £87.50 Stubsgill, £84 Allfornaught, £80 Shankfieldhead, £79.50 Stubsgill and Jacksonrigg.

North Country Cheviot £80, £77, £75 Whiteknowe.

Blackface £78 Dalveen, £76.50 Uppercleuch, £76 Corsebank and Kirkhouse.

Leicester £78 Roxburgh Mill.

Half Bred £77 Soonhope.

Lonk £70 Bush of Ewes.


Texel 259p Low Lonning, 257p Copperthorns, 254p High Stenries, 240p Low Lonning, 238p Hermitage and Nether Dargarvel, 236p High Stenries, 234p Cherry Garth, 233p Powheads, 232p Shankfieldhead.

Beltex 249p The Firs, 247.2p Walton Highrigg, 246p East Cliff, 237p Sorbie, 230p Cowcorse, 225p Sorbie, 216p Walton Highrigg, 214p Hyde.

Hill Cheviot 212p Druchtag, 197p Kirkhouse, 195p Catslackburn, 180p Kirkhouse, 178p Catslackburn.

Suffolk 211p Druchtag, 200p Shield Green and Soonhope, 195p, 192p North House, 191p Sceughdyke, 190p Archerbeck, 189p Temon and Shield Green.

Lonk 209p, 184p Bush of Ewes.

Charollais 207p Newington, 206p Cottage, 205p Cardew Hall, 189p Upper Senwick, 187p Tinnis Hall, 184.6p Archerbeck, 183p Hallburn.

Blackface 207p Bush of Ewes and Roxburgh Mill, 204p Maryholm, 203p Milnmark, Maryholm and Whiteside, 201p Prior Rigg, 200p Bush of Ewes, 197p Kirkhouse, 193p Soonhope, 192p Roxburgh Mill.

Herdwick 206p Newington, 187p Ashley Park.

Greyface 203p, 193p D’mainholm, 191p Greenburn and Newington, 187p Soonhope, 186p Hillview, 185p Nunscleugh, 184p The Firs, 183p Allfornaught.

Cheviot Mule 195p Allanshaws, 178p Gilston and Station Yard.

Swaledale 189p, 187p Snowsgreen.

Half Bred 189p Soonhope.

Lleyn 186p Low Tipalt, 174p Keith Farm.

North Country Cheviot 183p, 182p Whiteknowe.

Leicester 173p Allanshaws, 163p Wanwood Hill.

Oxford 171p Cowcorse.

The 788 lightweight hoggs forward were a good show for quality and easily sold at high rates, more could be sold to vendors advantage. Top of £90 for Texels from Copperthorns, £80.50 Copperthorns; Beltex £83 Sorbie, £75.50 Walton Highrigg; Suffolk £74 Druchtag, £64 Soonhope; Blackface £71.50 Maryholm, £71 Milnmark; Hill Cheviot £70 Druchtag; Herdwick £66 Newington; Lonk £69 Bush of Ewes; Greyface £65.50 Soonhope, £65 Greenburn; Charollais £64 Cottage; Swaledale £58, £51 Snowsgreen.

A smaller show of 4,317 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers who were all keen for sheep with ewes being £2 to £3 dearer on the week, plain ewes slightly easier. More large lean ewes could be sold to vendors advantage but most noticeable was the rise in the trade of Greyface ewes.

Rams to £140 for Texels from Soonhope, £136 Hopehill, £120 Jacksonrigg and Hornby Hall; Suffolk £130 Milnholm, £122 Shankfieldhead, £94 Hornby Hall; Charollais £114 Metmore, £100 Snowsgreen; Bleu d’Maine £112 Middle Farm; Leicester £88 Round Meadows, £86 Soonhope; North Country Cheviot £82 Buchtrig; Swaledale £82 Round Meadows; Blackface £72 Chapel Farm (Hutchison), £64 Kinghill; Dorset £70 Gall Farm; Kerry Hill £50 Pennyhill; Easycare £50 Cooilingel.

Heavy ewes to £136 for Texels from Metmore, £130 Nether Dargarvel, £124 Colinton Mains; Beltex £116 Nether Dargarvel; Charollais £108 Kinghill, £98, £98 Metmore; Suffolk £96 New Mill, £94 The Firs, £92 Metmore; Leicester £89 Roxburgh Mill, £80 Quarry House, £78 Metmore; North Country Cheviot £80 Haithwaite, £76 Temon, £76 Killen; Cheviot Mule £86 Hopehill, £82 Allfornaught, £74 Haithwaite; Half Bred £80 Soonhope; Greyface £71 Thornington, £70 Jacksonrigg, £68 Upper Cullernie.

Light ewes to £64 for Cheviots from Nether Stenries, £60 Nether Stenries, £58 Kirkton; Blackface £62 New Mill, £59 Quarry House, £58 Tenter House; Lonk £55 Bush of Ewes; Swaledale £52 Westhills, £45 Mossband House, £44 Shankfieldhead; Kendal Rough £52 Chapel Farm; Jacob £50 Westhills, £34 Cooilingel; Lleyn £46 Haithwaite; Easycare £44 Cooilingel; Badgerface £40 Trethin; Herdwick £40 Mossband House, £39 Cardewlees; Shetland £40 Cooilingel, £38 Haithwaite; Manx £30 Cooilingel.

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