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Young Farming Couple Receive 2013 NSA Cymru/Wales Achievement Award

Sion and Claire Williams, a young couple from Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, were presented with the NSA Cymru/Wales Young Achievement Award at the Welsh Winter Fair.

NSA Cymru/Wales presents the award annually to recognise the specific contribution of people under the age of 35 to the sheep farming sector. Sion and Claire were selected not just for their incredible role in hosting NSA Welsh Sheep in May this year, which attracted several thousand visitors to their farm in South Wales, but also their achievement in taking on a farming tenancy in 2010 and utilising IT, industry schemes and grant aid to make their sheep enterprise thrive.

Sion and Claire Williams with son Harri

Sion and Claire Williams with son Harri

David Pittendreigh, NSA Cymru/Wales Chairman, says: “Sion and Claire Williams, and not forgetting son Harri, took on a 10-year tenancy at the 255-acre Beili Ficer Farm in 2010 and have achieved a huge amount already. They rent another 150 acres and own a further 20 acres and have developed a thriving sheep enterprise with the goal of producing exactly what the market wants.

“They run a mixed flock of 1,200 Mule, Texel Mule and Aberdale ewes and their 100% focus on maximising lamb production off grass and kilograms of lamb sold per ewe is a lesson to everyone in the sheep sector, whatever their age.

“We all know the challenges for young people to get on the farming ladder and the way Sion and Claire work closely with their landlords – Alfor and Elwyn Thomas – in a relationship that benefits them both is an inspiration to young farmers who dream of farming in their own right. It is an absolute honour for NSA Cymru/Wales to recognise Sion and Claire with this award.”

The presentation was made to Sion and Claire on the NSA at the Welsh Winter Fair, where NSA also launched a membership recruitment campaign for 2014, with a free prize draw for new members that sign up and existing members who recommend them.


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