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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 43 prime cattle, 5 young bulls, 29 over thirty month cattle, 5,843 prime lambs and 6,317 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th December 2013.


Light to 245.5p (235.9p)
Medium to 256.5p (218.3p)
Heavy to 225.5p (208.8p)

Light to 241.5p (199.8p)
Medium to 252.5p (226.4p)
Heavy to 295.0p (231.6p)

Young bulls 225.5p (179.3p)

Light to 234.0p (163.8p)
Standard to 271.8p (188.7p)
Medium to 366.0p (183.2p)
Heavy to 224.0p (169.4p)
O/weight 185.0p (157.2p)

Light to £64.00 (£37.19)
Heavy to £116.00 (£59.51)

Cast Rams £146.00 (£76.12)

It was the Christmas show and sale of prime cattle. A total of 20 cattle were offered for show, where the judge Mr. Joe Kirkup (Wm Kirkup & Sons, Butcher, Longtown) cast his eye over them and awarded the championship to a Limousin heifer shown by J & N Blaylock & Son, Hallburn, which later realised 295p (£1947) and was purchased by the judge.

The reserve ticket went to J Retson & Son, Gardrum for a British Blue heifer selling to 280p (£1736) to S McGimpsey, Thorns.

The cup for the Best British Beast was awarded to W G & H M Kyle, Spout Bank with a Galloway which later sold to 238p (£1213.80) purchased by Joe Kirkup (Wm Kirkup & Sons).

We would like to thank the sponsors Graeme Walker Building, Plumbing and Plastering of Sandysikes, Longtown and the judge Joe Kirkup, also to the vendors for their continued support each week.

Longtown cattle ring


Limousin bullock 1st Drumbretton 256.5p to Wm Kirkup; 2nd Sceughdyke 216.5p to S McGimpsey

Any British Breed 1st Spoutbank 238p to Wm Kirkup; 2nd Spoutbank 222.5p to Wm Kirkup

Limousin heifer 1st Hallburn 295p to Wm Kirkup; 2nd Wyseby Hill Cottage 249.5p to Border Meats

Charolais heifer 1st Hallburn 239.5p to S McGimpsey; 2nd High Stenries 252.5p to Border Meats

Any other Cont heifer 1st Gardum 280p to S McGimpsey; 2nd Hallburn 244.5p to Border Meats



Limousin 256.5p Dumbretton, 246.5p, 245.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 225.5p The Gill, 220.5p, 219.5p Fenton, 216.5p Sceughdyke, 213.5p Fenton

Galloway 238p, 222.5p Spoutbank


Limousin 295p Hallburn, 249.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, £242.5p, 241.5p Houghton House & Hallburn, 234.5p Hallburn & Houghton House, 228.5p Houghton House, 226.5p Low Hallburn

Charolais 239.5p Hallburn, 235.5p Sceughdyke

British Blue 280p Gardum, 244.5p Hallburn, 239.5p Low Hallburn



Limousin £1590 Drumbretton, £1569 Sceughdyke, £1488 The Gill, £1483 Fenton.

Charolais £1513 Sceughdyke


Charolais £1582 Hallburn, £1436 Sceughdyke, £1489, £1348 High Stenries, £1244 Sceughdyke

British Blue £1,381 Sandbed

Limousin £1947, £1430 Hallburn, £1359 Houghton House

Angus £1216 Sandbed

Young bulls were a small show of 5.


Limousin 225.5p 3 Niven Hill

Black & White 173.5p Becton Hall, 172.5p Whins


Limousin £1,296 3 Niven Hill

Black & White £1,136 Becton Hall, £1060 Whins, £1052 Becton Hall

The OTMs were a similar trade and continued to follow the national trend.

Top price was 145.5p for a British Blue cow from Nunscleugh with top price per head £1182 Henrys Hill.


British Blue 145.5p Nunscleugh

Limousin 139.5p Wanwood Hill, 138.5p Gallowberry, 136.5p Nunscleugh, 131.5p Wanwood Hill, 129.5p Silverlea, 119.5p Borthwick Brae, 118.5p Englishtown, 115.5p The Nook

Angus 133.5p Leahaugh

Charolais 137.5p Henrys Hill, 129.5p Jefferson Cottage


British Blue £960 Nunscleugh

Limousin £1137 The Nook, £1,129 Wanwood Hill, £1042 Silverlea, £1012 Wanwood Hill, £983 Englishtown, £948 Nunscleugh, £865 Gallowberry

Charolais £1182 Henrys Hill, £1113 Jefferson Cottage

Shorthorn £844 Minsca

The 5.843 prime lambs were a very similar trade on the week with export lambs keenly sought after so long as not too fat, but also more heavy lambs forward which sold remarkably well considering the poor trade seen at most other centres this week. The overall average was 178.9p with an SQQ of 183p.

At the Christmas show and sale of prime lambs which was kindly sponsored by A W Jenkinson (Forest Products), Clifton, Penrith, the judging was ably carried out by Mr. Stephen Stoddart, Hillside, Wigton who had an excellent array or lambs to choose from. He eventually awarded the championship to regular customer W Gribbon & Co, Waterside, Cargenbridge with a tremendous pen of 10 Beltex lambs scaling 41 kilos and realising £150 or 365p per kilo to the judge. The reserves were awarded to local customer JW Vevers, High Stenries also with a pen of Beltex scaling 41 kilos and realising £110 to Dunbia.

Longtown sheep ring


Texel 1st Walton Woodhead 43kg £110 to Bowood Farms; 2nd High Stenries 47kg £100 to Bowood Farms

Beltex 1st Waterside 41kg £150 to S Stoddart, 2nd High Stenries 31kg £110 to Dunbia

Other Cont 1st Leona Villa 54kg £90 A Dawson, 2nd Solway Bank 41kg £82 to Dunbia

Suffolk 1st Sceughdyke 52kg £89 to Bowood Farms, 2nd Kirkland Green 52kg £87 M Lomas

North of England Mules 1st Kirkland Green 52kg £78.50 J Brown, 2nd Nunscleugh 51kg £79.50 J Brown.

Scotch Mule 1st Boreland 48kg £76.50 to J Brown

North Country Cheviot 1st Dod 37kg £71 to Bowood Farms

South Country Cheviot 1st Sorbie 47kg £75 Dunbia, 2nd Glendearg 44kg £75 Dunbia

Blackface 1st Sorbie 42kg £75 to Dunbia, 2nd Penpeugh 44kg £72 to J Brown


Texel £110 Waltonwoodhead, £108 Winterhope, £103 Cowcorse

Suffolk £94 Beeches & West Kirkcarswell, £92 Boreland & Colmslie Hill, £91 Tone Hall

Charollais £93, £90 Leona Villa, £88 Carslae. £87.50 Tinnis Hall

North Country Cheviot £77 Keith, £72 Shawhill, £71 Dod, £70 Easterfrew

Beltex £150 Waterside, £110 High Stenries, £106 Upper Duddleswick, £104 Waltonwoodhead, £103 Keith

Berrichon £82 Sceughdyke

Hill Cheviot £82 Solway Bank, £75 Sorbie & Glendearg, £74 Charlton, £73 Skelfhill

Greyface £80 Thorns, £79.50 Nunscleugh, £78.50 Kirkland Green, £76.50 Boreland

Cheviot Mule £75 Achamore, £70.50 Solway Bank, £70 Achamore & Solway Bank

Blackface £75 Sorbie & Boreland, £73 Lanehead

Swaledale £62 East Unthank

Jacob £68 Barend

Roussin £64 Clonrae

Hampshire £70 Dyke

Easycare £74, £71 Cleongarth, £67 South Portospittal

Halfbred £80 High Moat, £70 Dodgsonstown


Texel 255.8p Waltonwoodhead, 246p Thorns, 238p Kirkhouse

Charollais 216p Thorns, 205p Fenton

Suffolk 200p Thorns, 195p Fenwick, 191p Netherton, 190p North House

Beltex 366p Waterside, 271.8p, 270p Upper Duddlewick, 268p High Stenries

North Country Cheviot 193p Keith, 192p Dod, 184p Easterfrew

Blackface 183p Boreland, 181p Skelfhill, 180p Clonrae, 179p Longburgh Fauld , Clonrae & Sorbie

Greyface 180p Wester Dawyck, 178p Thorns

Swaledale 167p Sunday Sight, 157p Howburn

Lleyn 164p South Port o Spittal

Berrichon 167p Sceughdyke

Cheviot Mule 179p Achamore, 176p, 175p Solway Bank

Jacob £166p Barend

Dorset £171.4p Beeches

Easycare 172p South Port O Spittal, 165p, 164p Cleongart

Dorper 167p Port O Spittal

The 1,032 lightweight lambs forward were still short of buyer requirements and keenly sought after, more could have been sold to advantage as long as well fleshed. Top price was £89 for Beltex from Upper Duddlewick, £75 Netherton; Suffolks £64 Shielsknowe, Cheviots £69 High Airyolland; Texel £78 Cowcorse, £71 Courstien; Charollais £62 Stirches Mains, £58.50 Westernhopeburn; Greyface £62 Greenburn, £57 Tone Hall & Westernhopeburn; Blackface £65 Skelfhill, £61 Clonrae & Fenwick; North Country Cheviot £62 Mainside; Swaledale £55 Howburn, £50 Sunday Sight; LLeyn £54 South Port O Spittal; Dorset £60 The Beeches.

The 6,317 cast ewes and rams were a couple of pounds dearer on the week especially for Hill ewes and plain ewes. Best selling Continental ewes and all classes of rams were sharper but heavy fat ewes out in force proving hard to sell.

Rams to £146 for Texels from Silloans, £144 Stonehall, £142 Newry; Easycare £68 Bairnkine; Suffolks £120 Colmslie Hill, £118 Clackmae; £114 Church Street; Cheviots £90 Westside, £80 Terrona; Rouges £120 Redside; Charollais £116 Stonehall; Leicester £116 Snowside, £100 Henrys Hill, £92 Colmslie Hill; Blackface £80 Westgate; North Country Cheviot £126 Bardnaclaven; Beltex £70 Colmslie Hill; Lleyn £104 Newside; Zwartbles £85 Rowside, Oxford £70 Colfoot.

Heavy ewes to £116 for Texels from Little Galla, £112, £110, £109 Bascodyke Foot; Suffolks £100 Plumgate; £94 Newgate; Charollais £94 Newgate, £92 Unthank, £90 Churchgate; Halfbred £72 Kennetsideheads, £67 Guards Mill; Greyface £68 Unthank, £65 Sornfollow, £64.50 Pontyfoot; Cheviot Mule £74, £72 Maingate; Leicesters £86 Gallowberry & High Frost Hall; North Country Cheviots £81 Raeburn, £78 Bardnaclaven, £75 3 Skaill; Beltex £80 High Airryolland & Newgate, £75 Keith, £74 Winterside

Light ewes to £64 for Cheviots from Kelsocleugh, £60 Colmslie Hill, £56 Allfornaught; Blackfaces £53 Kilwhipnach, £51 Little Galla; Swaledale £45 Westgate, £44 Rawfoot, £43 Whitton; Lleyn £62 Crookston; Shetland £36 Barrock Mains.

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