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Landowners Need To Be Prepared

"The announcement that the government has unveiled their infrastructure spending plans could hit landowners hard, and the correct action needs to be taken from the start to ensure you don’t leave yourself wide open to issues in the future.” this is the message from H&H Land & Property’s Chartered Surveyor, Matthew Bell.

The announcement from the government that approximately £375bn is to be invested into infrastructure both over and underground will mean a considerable increase in third party companies, mainly utility companies and Network Rail, needing access to land.

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell

“This will result in issues if the land owner does not ensure that the appropriate agreements are in place prior to works starting.” says Matthew. “In recent months we have seen a dramatic increase in cases which were not dealt with in the initial stages, and have resulted in landowners seeking help and compensation for issues afterwards. Today’s announcement will exacerbate these issues.”

The top two questions any landowner in this situation should ask themselves are:

Are you being paid the correct amount of compensation?

Has reinstatement of the land been included in the deal?

When third parties come on to your land the correct surveys need to be completed, in order to check for drainage pipes, sewerage pipes and water pipes. A professional person will help to ensure that you receive the correct valuation and that the job is completed satisfactorily. They will also ensure the land and ground will be reinstated once the work is finished, and acts as the liaison person between the landowner and the third party company for the duration.

To conclude Matthew comments: “It is prudent to seek professional advice in advancement of any third party companies taking entry on your land to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. The correct advice will ensure the smooth running of any operation and the correct compensation from the start.”

HH Land

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