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The New XERION – Same Concept, Enhanced Engineering

CLAAS will be once again be presenting the XERION – the world's most powerful tractor with an infinitely variable drive – at Agritechnica in 2013.

The 4x4 large tractor series with over 500 hp has been given a new engine, a new look, greater comfort, and is now called XERION 4000, 4500 and 5000.

XERION 4000/4500/5000 – engine identification numbers


The XERION has established itself firmly in both arable and specialist applications. This will continue with the new range, where the  XERION's main roles  will still be heavy cultivation and slurry and digestate distribution, but also for use on the silage clamp and in other specialist appications such as woodchippers and mulchers.

Its proven TRAC concept has not been changed:

  • Four wheels of equal size on steered axles with a tyre diameter of up to 2.16 m
  • Infinitely variable ground drive up to 530 hp
  • 50 km/h maximum ground speed
  • Full frame design

The TRAC concept is available in three variants: TRAC (cab fixed in the centre), TRAC VC (rotating cab) and SADDLE TRAC (cab fixed at the front), and works with a wide variety of attachments.

XERION 4000/4500/5000 – engine identification numbers

XERION 4000/4500/5000 – engine identification numbers

Full performance potential at low engine speeds

The latest development in terms of inner workings are the six-cylinder engines from Mercedes Benz. These use SCR catalytic converter technology to meet the Stage IV (Tier 4) exhaust gas purification standard. The common-rail engines achieve maximum torque at as low as 1300 rpm and remain torque-stable over a wide engine speed range. This is of particular benefit to users in high-traction applications, e.g. cultivation, because it reduces fuel consumption. The XERION 4000 has the OM 470 LA engine with an 11-litre cubic capacity under its hood. The two larger models, the XERION 4500 and 5000, are driven by the OM 471 LA with a 13-litre cubic capacity.

Two infinitely variable transmission types

CLAAS offers the XERION with two infinitely variable transmission types: The ZF Eccom 4.5 and the Eccom 5.0. Each one performs different functions. As always, the ZF Eccom 4.5 covers a number of particular functions in the TRAC and TRAC VC models. These include driving forwards and in reverse with full power and full speed both available. PTO coupling is part of standard equipment; an additional high output hydraulic system is available as optional equipment for the ZF Eccom 4.5. An additional 90 kW of power can be used by employing this additional hydraulic circuit.

By contrast, the ZF Eccom 5.0 transmission, which is more cost effective and weighs around 700 kg less, is available with or without PTO coupling as desired. Its maximum speed when reversing is limited to 30 km/h. The ZF Eccom 5.0 is ideally suited to farms that require a XERION TRAC when working on the fields. It is therefore available as optional equipment for all TRAC models; it is included in the XERION SADDLE TRAC 4000 as standard.

Streamlined, dynamic, distinctive

Another new feature of the XERION series is the cross bracing between the side members of the chassis, which is now bolted on rather than welded. This increases the load-bearing capacity of the chassis when used with heavy slurry tanks and implements. The new inner workings of the XERION will also be visible from the outside in its distinctive design. Although its large dimensions have not changed, it now works in a more streamlined and dynamic way. Its lack of exhaust pipe is particularly striking. It has been removed from the driver's field of vision and is now located on the right-hand side underneath the cab.

Gentle giant

An important customer request for even greater driving comfort was taken into account during the development work on the new XERION model series. CLAAS now offers the new models in the TRAC and TRAC VC variants with optional semi-active cab suspension. This controls the damper stiffness depending on the particular driving conditions and improves suspension comfort. Semi-active suspension can be preselected from the cab in three levels according to the application: firm (e.g. for driving on the roads), soft (e.g. working on the fields) and locked (for special uses, e.g. wood chopping). Another small but very important detail that XERION customers asked for and CLAAS has now provided in the new models series are the new ergonomic pedals.

Intuitive and ergonomic operation made extremely EASY

New developments in EASY (Efficient Agriculture Systems) – which demonstrates CLAAS's expertise in electronics – are equally as important for the XERION. In addition to a CEBIS control terminal, a CMOTION ground speed control lever, ISOBUS compatibility and a TELEMATICS connection, the new XERION already meets all the requirements for working together with TONI, ICT and task management, the future technologies for communication between attached machines and the tractor.

The new XERION is available from January 2014.

Explanatory notes:

Telemetry-based system that allows users to monitor all the performance data and the location of their machines from anywhere via the Internet.

Telematics ON Implement – Enhances the TELEMATICS program and is used to transfer additional equipment process data. The data can also be displayed as geodata providing that the particular implement is ISOBUS/TONI-enabled.

Implement Controls Tractor – ICT uses the application parameters of an attached agricultural machine to control the driving speed of the tractor which is pulling it via the ISOBUS interface

Task management:
Records the data of the whole unit, comprising equipment and tractor



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