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Amazone Producing Successful Machinery For 130 Years

Successful machinery over 130 years of company history - This excellent book lays out the development of Amazone machinery over the last 130 years.

As you well know, technology has altered dramatically in that period, and so from horse-drawn equipment through to today’s state-of-the-art satellite controlled spreaders and sprayers, the book covers the history of the kit over the years.

Amazone History

Amazone Successful machinery over 130 years of company history

Written by Klaus Dreyer, third generation owner of Amazonen-Werke, the book creates many surprises as it delves into the diversity and complexity of the product ranges offered; not many people know, for instance, the extent and depth of the commitment to potato harvesting and grading equipment by the Dreyer family and how that nearly became the mainstay of the company back in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Muck spreaders also formed a big part of the turnover which, for many years with the UK1 (Universal Kipper (tipper), offered a demountable muck spreader bed that could be mounted with a sprayer, spreader or tipping trailer. The UK1 developed in the SK15 and SK17 with their chain and slat moving beds and these ran in production right through until the 1970’s However, it was the revolution of the ZA twin disc spreaders made Amazone the household name it is today with now over 1,000,000 spreaders being produced by the Dreyer family over the last four generations and with the ZA-U probably becoming the most iconic twin disc fertiliser spreader ever.

The history of Amazone seed drills again goes back to horse-drawn before moving to tractor pulled and then on to the pioneering drill combination. The D4 drill, with a RE reciprocating power harrow and the first-ever tooth packer roller mounted up front to make a one-pass drill combination, were introduced back in the late sixties. Amazone then went on to invent the tramline system for modern seed drills.

The 1940's saw the Amazone S4 take the potato harvester market by storm

The 1940's saw the Amazone S4 take the potato harvester market by storm

So be it grain winnowers, potato graders, sprayers, cultivators, drills or spreaders, the book outlines the development of the product from its conception to the kit we know today and, as we said, it makes for a fascinating read.


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