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Tooway Guarantees Service to BT Dial-Up Users Facing Switch Off

A leading satellite broadband provider has stepped in to guarantee broadband services to homes facing the end of their BT dial-up service.

BT announced it was to close down its dial-up internet service from September 1st, meaning households will be required to seek an alternative for online access. According to BT, around 1,000 dial-up customers in rural areas do not have access to a fixed broadband connection and these households will need to switch to another dial-up provider - such as Plusnet - or consider investing in alternative technology.


Mark Wynn of Avonline Broadband, the UK's largest provider of the leading Tooway satellite broadband service, said; "Every one of these dial-up users can switch to satellite broadband immediately, wherever they live in the country. Not only do they retain a broadband connection but with Tooway they can instantly access up to 20Mbps download speeds, greatly improving their broadband options.

"Some other technologies will struggle to reach these rural users in the foreseeable future but because everyone is the same distance from the satellite, we guarantee that we can reach anyone wherever they live in the UK with fast satellite broadband today."

The Tooway satellite broadband service delivers download speeds of up to 20Mbps anywhere in the UK immediately via satellite transmission, with no need for infrastructure investment. The option of unlimited data allowances via satellite was also recently introduced for the first time in this country.

Fast satellite broadband means users can browse the internet, catch-up on social media, make free phone calls and stream high quality video or download HD movies. A separate phone line is not required.


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