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Increased Capacity for New MF 1840 Small Square Baler

The new MF 1840 small rectangular baler from Massey Ferguson builds on the success of the MF 1839 with new features to further enhance performance and reliability of the machines.

Like its predecessor, the new MF 1840 is designed and built in Hesston, Kansas, in the USA. The baler employs a novel ‘centre-line’ design in which the crop flows through the machine in a straight line – working like a mini large square baler. This in-line loading improves efficiency because the crop is not turned before entering the chamber.

MF 1840

The new MF 1840 makes well formed 356mm x 457mm bales

“There is still a large demand for hay and straw in normal conventional bales. Massey Ferguson continues to invest in improving designs to ensure these balers provide the same reliability and performance as our renowned large square balers,” says Mark Grigson, Product Marketing Manager – Harvesting. “Whether you are making a few hundred or thousands of bales, the MF 1840 delivers consistent, well-formed and densely packed bales that are the right size for handling and feeding.”

The new MF 1840 makes well formed 356mm x 457mm bales and retains the key features such as narrow transport width, 1.9m wide pick-up with standard gauge wheels, short stroke and high speed plunger as well as the renowned rugged knotters.

MF 1840 new features
· Adjustable drawbar allows fitting to wide range of tractors
· New pick-up auger design improves crop feed
· Improved packer geometry increases capacity
· OptiForm extended bale length chamber
· New knotter fan
· Extra twine storagethe renowned rugged knotters.

Massey Ferguson engineers have introduced this range of significant improvements to further enhance performance and bale formation on the new MF 1840 baler. A new adjustable drawbar provides various settings to enable the machines to be coupled to a broader range of tractors.

The 1.9m wide pick-up is now equipped with ‘up-turning’ augers, which convey the crop up and across the front of the flights. This significantly increases capacity and is particularly effective in damp, uneven and difficult crops.

A new packer design for the MF 1840 baler increases feeder capacity in a range of crops and conditions. The centrally-mounted packers have a new ‘throw’ geometry, which provides a wider sweeping action to quickly clear the crop off the pick-up and efficiently feed the chamber.

Uniform bale shape and density throughout the whole bale is ensured by the new OptiForm bale chamber, which is now extended by 457mm. This helps flakes to form evenly delivering consistency across the entire height and width.

Inheriting the performance features of the large square baler, the new MF 1840 is now equipped with a cleaning fan to blow debris away from the knotters. Lastly, to help reduce downtime and extend working hours, the twine capacity has been significantly increased with the new baler able to hold ten balls, which is four more than its predecessor.

Massey Ferguson

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