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Oleobiotec Raises Bar For Egg Producers

Oleobiotec, a new feed additive which is exclusive to Harbro has been bringing benefits of improved health and laying performance to commercial and independent egg producers.

Exclusive to Harbro, this revolutionary product helps to improve microbial imbalances and in trials has been shown to increase percentage lay, egg weight, egg mass and reduce bird mortality.

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A powerful natural additive, Oleobiotec is a unique blend of essential oils and functional carbohydrates designed to stimulate the immune system and target pathogenic bacteria in the intestines to improve gut health and liveweight gain.

The trial results which are of importance to all producers are those which showed that the birds fed Oleobiotec had an improved liveweight gain of 5.4%, helping them reach their target weight for laying more quickly.

Harbro Laygold Vigour feed contains Oleobiotec as standard and is aimed at the independent egg producer. This feed will provide them with good egg quality, rich yolk colour, taste and most importantly, a consistent, larger egg size, with the same trial recording a 4.3% increase in egg weight.

There is also an application for this feed in the commercial sector. Commercial birds entering the laying sheds around the age of 15-16 weeks should reach their peak within three weeks. Fed in the first six weeks in the shed, Laygold Vigour helps to get the eggs to the target size earlier, thus reducing the losses due to undersize.

Through stimulation of the immune system and improving gut health, birds have a better chance of overcoming the challenge from disease and improving feed conversion.

Oleobiotec is contained in Harbro Laygold Vigour as standard and as an additive for egg producers who are home-mixing their feed.

Using only the finest quality ingredients, including the highest bushel weight grain, the new Laygold range has been formulated to provide egg producers with a choice of nutritionally sound products, ensuring they have a feed which best suits their flock and production requirements.


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