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Cows Enjoy the View with Highlight See-Through Wall

When it comes to farm building design, aesthetics rarely play an important role – it’s all about functionality. But one Devon farmer has taken an unusual approach to protect the stunning views across his land, by installing a see-through wall on the end of his cow shed.

Martin and Liz Bennett, who milk 240 organic dairy cows at Lane End Farm, Broadhembury, are passionate about the rolling hills on which they live. So when they extended their dairy building, they tried to find a way to retain those views.

Highlight – a perforated metal wall that you can see through

Highlight – a perforated metal wall that you can see through

“Originally the shed was open at the end, but we wanted to extend it and put in cubicles, so had to put up a wall to prevent the rain coming in,” says Martin. “With such a fabulous view across the valley we didn’t want to lose that. Initially we looked at putting Perspex up, but then we discovered Highlight – a perforated metal wall that you can see through, so went for that instead, as not only can you see straight through it, but it also provides good ventilation.”

Martin put the building up himself in 2008, and found it very easy to install the Highlight along the 100ft gable end of the shed. “It’s very light and easy to erect – and it’s lasted very well; there’s no rust on it at all.”

As Martin and Liz spend plenty of time working in the shed, a pleasant environment is important for both them and the cows – and good ventilation is essential for animal health.

“The cows are bedded on sand cubicles, with a solid wall up to shoulder height to prevent draughts,” says Martin. Above that, three walls are left open, with Highlight on the South-facing wall to protect against the prevailing weather.

“The Highlight doesn’t let any rain in at all, but you get lots of light and air coming through it,” he adds. “It’s absolutely brilliant to be able to see across our farm when working with the cows in the shed, and the cows like to lie up that end. It’s just lovely.”

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