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Rumen Friendly Feeds To Complement Summer Grass

Following nationwide success with its ‘Rumen Friendly Concept’ products in the beef and sheep pedigree markets, Harbro has launched a range of ‘rumen friendly’ dairy compounds with similar principles.

“The use of a unique process to break down raw materials into ‘chunks’ rather that grinding them down into a fine meal prior to pelleting has enabled us to produce a new improved, innovative range of dairy compounds for this summer,” says Chris Baxter, Harbro sales director.

Harbro Feeds

The dairy compound fed in the milking parlour is now often only around a third or less of the cow’s dry matter intake but it is a critically important part and one that she can use very efficiently.

These dairy compounds (parlour cakes) are digested more slowly and evenly in the cow’s rumen over a longer period of time than traditional compounds. This in turn enables the ‘bugs’ in the cow’s rumen to extract more nutrients from the feed.

“More nutrients available to the cow supports improved performance - both yield and quality - and potentially a reduction in body weight loss,” added Mr Baxter.

Balancing the dairy cow ration correctly is all important with rumen health being one of the greatest challenges that dairy cows face when consuming large quantities (60kg+ fresh weight/day) of grazed grass.

Early season grass is notoriously high in D value and crude protein and this type of forage can generate a huge amount of green glue-like dung that even the best digestive system struggles to cope with.

The challenge is to harness as much of this highly digestible grass as possible to enable the dairy cow to produce high quantities of quality milk. With modern dairy cows having the ability to reach peak yields of 40-50 litres, their requirement for nutrients is massive. If we are unable to supply these cows with sufficient ‘fuel’ they invariably mobilise huge levels of body fat creating the symptoms of ketosis and excessive body weight loss.

The ability to reduce the risk of grass induced acidosis and stabilise the rumen during the grazing season can hugely improve the efficiencies of our dairy herds.

For more information on these ‘rumen friendly’ summer dairy compounds, please contact your Harbro sales specialist.


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