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Solway Recycling Launches Calf Reviver

A Calf Reviver Box to save calves lives and farmers’ time for many years to come has been developed by farm based Solway Recycling of Dumfries.

Calves suffering from Hypothermia are provided with a constant flow of warm air to heat them up in the safety of this draught free Calf Reviver Box from Solway Recycling.

The Solway Calf Reviver Box

The Solway Calf Reviver Box

Easily kept clean to avoid a build up of disease the Solway Calf Reviver Box is manufactured from 100% recycled agricultural waste plastic The durability of this plastic also means a Calf Reviver Box should go on saving your valuable calves for a lifetime.

The Solway Calf Reviver Box
The Solway Calf Reviver Box is easily kept clean

The Solway Calf Reviver Box can be supplied flat packed or erected ready to use complete with a convector heater. The unit has an integrated one piece slatted floor to allow the warm air up through to help the calf’s revival.

An introductory offer of £299 plus VAT, including a free heater and free delivery, makes this a wise buy on any busy livestock unit.

Dimensions – 1220mm long x 920mm wide x 1000 mm deep, excluding heater protection compartment.

Weight - 68 kilos

For further details contact Solway Recycling Tel; 01387 730666, e-mail jim@solwayrecycling.co.uk or visit www.solwayrecycling.co.uk

Solway Recycling

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