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Krone Introduces New Mower Bed Design

Every farmer and contractor is familiar with the situation that in a field of thin crops the mower struggles hard to produce clean rather than stripy cuts.

The response to such conditions is Krone’s intelligent ‘SmartCut’ system, which has proven itself in initial runs by delivering outstanding results.

The new SmartCut mower bed is used on nearly all new-generation 2013 EasyCut mowers.

The new SmartCut mower bed is used on nearly all new-generation 2013 EasyCut mowers.

‘SmartCut’ means the discs are not evenly spaced: the pairs turning outwards are set closer together to increase blade overlap for stripeless work in light crops and a superb quality of cut. Vice versa, in dense crop the machine benefits from a larger gap between the discs turning towards each other to deliver a constant and smooth flow of grass to the rear without blockages and cleanest cuts at higher work rates.

In addition, all new mowers offer plenty of comfort features, including the enclosed and fully welded bed, standard quick-change blades and the ‘SafeCut’ system.

SafeCut centres on a roll pin which connects each disc to the drive shaft and that shears off as the disc hits an obstacle. Upon impact, the sprocket continues revolving, so that the stopped disc jacks up on a thread and out of the operating area of its neighbouring blades, eliminating the risk of damage to the neighbouring discs.

No changes were made to the driveline, which consists of well-proven satellite gears with massive spur gears transferring the power to both ends of the bed.

The large-diameter spur gears suggest moderate speeds and more teeth in mesh at any one time – to the effect of boosted efficiency, absolutely quiet running and maximum longevity.

On top of this, the discs moved to a more forward position for even better cuts.


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