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Crucial Form-Filling Deadline Days Away

NFU Scotland is reminding all farmers and crofters that crunch time is fast approaching for them to submit their annual application form for Scotland’s various support schemes.

The Union adds that all claimants should deliver their completed Single Application Form (SAF) - either through Rural Payments Online or to their local SGRPID area office - on or before Wednesday, 15 May 2013 to receive full payments.

Highland Cross Heifers

Accurate completion of the SAF form is crucial if farmers and crofters are claiming support under the Single Farm Payment Scheme (SFPS), Scottish Beef Scheme (SBS), Land Managers Options (LMO), Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS), or Rural Development Contracts - Rural Priorities (RDC-RP).

NFU Scotland’s Director of Policy and Regions, Jonnie Hall said:

“This has been such a difficult spring for all Scotland’s farmers and crofters that it would be easy to forget that the SAF form deadline of 15 May is only days away. However, in a difficult year like this, the support available through the various schemes could be increasingly important to many farm businesses. Finding some time to ensure your application form is completed accurately and submitted on or before the deadline would be time well spent.

“The onus remains on the applicant to ensure all the relevant information is provided on the forms and that it is accurate.

This is always a concern and a worry for many but the sooner farmers start the process of completing their forms, the sooner any queries or issues will arise, allowing time to approach SGRPID if clarification is needed.

“Given that the SAF is the claim form for SFPS, LFASS and RDC-RP annual recurrent options, and the land declarations for the area-based options of the LMO, it is hugely important. All Scottish producers seeking support via these schemes know that and can play their part by filling out forms as accurately as possible, thereby significantly reducing the risk of either payment reductions or penalties.”


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