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EBLEX Mission to Build on Export of Premium Lamb Cuts to Belgium

A group of journalists have been given a taste of Quality Standard Lamb by EBLEX as the organisation looks to build on exports of premium cuts to Belgium.

The two-day visit to the South West included visits to sheep farms to gain an insight into quality grass-based production systems, and lamb cutting demonstrations at two butcher’s shops in the region. It concluded with a dinner which included roast loin of Dorset lamb and tartar of lamb fillet.

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In 2012 seven per cent of the UK’s sheep meat exports headed to Belgium, behind France (55%), Germany (9%) and Hong Kong (8%).

Jonathan Eckley, EBLEX export marketing executive, said:
“As an export market, Belgium actually punches above its weight in terms of the value, with UK sheep meat exports totalling £30.6 million in 2012. It is a high-value market for premium cuts and therefore presents an ideal platform for us to capitalise on.

“The mission we hosted was very successful in highlighting the provenance of pasture-fed Quality Standard Mark lamb, a message which we would hope will be relayed to the Belgian market.”


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