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TB Rule Options to be Outlined at Beef Expo 2013

Highlighting the opportunities to rear and finish cattle from TB restricted units will be the focus of the TB Opportunities area at Beef Expo 2013 at Malvern on 23 May.

The event's TB Opportunities area will offer farmers the chance to come and discuss their own situation and understand how they can work within current TB rules, rather than against them, explains Simon Fryar of the organising committee.

Beef Expo 2006 was held at Carlisle

Beef Expo 2006

"Estimates suggest that more than half of the dairy herd in the south west of England is now under restriction, so we need to show beef producers how to work with TB restricted stock so they can access 100% of the market to purchase their raw materials," says Mr Fryar.

"Beef finishers sourcing calves and youngstock from the dairy sector need to understand how this can be done safely from TB restricted herds and how they can in turn maximise the value of their reared store stock or finished animals."

A number of experts will be available in the TB Opportunities area to help farmers understand what they can do and how they can minimise the impact TB makes to their business, including vets, the Animal Health and Vet Laboratories Agency, South West TB Farm Advisory Service and Meadow Quality, says Mr Fryar.

"All of these experts will be able to help farmers maximise the opportunities for working with TB restricted stock and how they can avoid or minimise the disease risk it poses and alongside them will be a number of TB control equipment suppliers exhibiting their specialist wares.

"These will be important for any beef farmers looking to set up TB licensed finishing premises and can help them become licensed to handle restricted stock and prevent disease spread," he adds.

“TB opportunities is a unique and positive area which will help demonstrate to beef producers a number of economic and manageable paths to follow as the disease continues to restrict our business."

Beef Expo 2013

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