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Planet takes 1, 2, 3 in UK Rankings following April Bull Proofs

Ensenada Taboo Planet has strengthened his position in the Holstein sire rankings following the release of the April 2013 bull proof figures by DairyCo.

Now holding an impressive 1, 2, 3 in the UK-proven list with first for Lifespan (+0.6), second for Profitable Lifetime Index (£239 PLI), and third for milk production (+949kg).

Ensenada Taboo Planet

Ensenada Taboo Planet

The addition of UK daughters has improved Planet’s figures, which also include a combined fat and protein of 56.7kg as well as strong daughter fertility (+4.0) and Type Merit (+1.72).

Further afield, Planet’s reputation as a global superstar is being enhanced by impressive international figures now based on 18,575 daughters in 3,780 herds (production) and 7,265 in 2311 herds (type). He is a top ten sire in the United States with a TPI of +2,176, and in Canada he sits at number four in the LPI bull rankings and now has several daughters in the top ten LPI cow rankings.

Planet has long been seen as future sire of sons that will have significant influence on the Holstein breed and already features strongly in the pedigrees of many of the leading bulls on the genomic young sire lists. In addition, the April 2013 proof run sees his first daughter-proven sons entering the rankings.

Ensenada Taboo Planet is an A2A2 sire and is available in limited quantities from Dairy Daughters as both conventional and sexed semen.

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