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Faster Spreading Nitrogen Saves a Day

In this spring’s highly variable weather conditions, Suffolk farmer John Taylor is taking advantage of a new alternative to ammonium nitrate that allows him to spread his nitrogen more than 25 per cent faster.

“Last spring we spread 500ha with Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser in two and a half days, a day less than it would have taken,” says John Taylor, who farms 1,200ha of arable land from Grove Farm, Clopton near Ipswich.

John Taylor of Grove Farm, Clopton, near Ipswich

John Taylor

“A big advantage of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is that it can be applied when it suits the farm and our workload, rather than being reliant on the weather,” he adds. Being one-third more concentrated than AN, it contains 46 per cent nitrogen against 34.5 per cent. This means that each spreader load goes further, with fewer journeys back-and-forth and less loading time.

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser

“2013, for most of the UK, has swung rapidly between heavy rain, snow and a dry spell,” says Alan Gray, technical specialist at Bunn Fertiliser. “Catching the moment for planting and spreading is absolutely vital. Any time saved is money in the bank, which makes Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser so valuable.”

To check that Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser performed as well as AN on the crop, John Taylor split his spreading 50/50 on one field of Gallant milling wheat. “We were able to monitor the yield in the combine and there was no significant difference, with a yield of 9.5 tonnes per hectare.”

“Unlike AN, there’s no limit to the amount of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser that can be stored in one place,” points out Alan Gray. “Farmers with the facilities to handle larger quantities can benefit from the convenience and financial advantage of buying in bulk. Having a third more nitrogen than AN, much less space is needed to store the season’s requirement, and it can also be stored in open-sided barns or left in the field for a short period, which considerably simplifies the logistics of spreading.”


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