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New DEUTZ-FAHR Agrovectors

Two new models in the DEUTZ-FAHR Agrovector range of telescopic handlers, the 37.6 and the 37.7, incorporate a series of features designed to boost productivity: a 123hp DEUTZ Tier 4i engine, powershift transmission and a load sensing hydraulic system with a capacity of 150 l/min.

The Agrovector telehandlers are designed for the handling of agricultural materials such as bales or large bags of fertilizer, and can be equipped with pallet forks and high-capacity buckets for moving grain or earth.

Agrovector telehandlers

Agrovector telehandler

The Agrovector's outstanding manoeuvrability means that it can also be employed in the market gardening and landscaping sector, as well as in municipal work and the construction industry. The multipurpose nature of the Agrovector is also evident in the wide range of boom attachments covering a wide number of applications. The quick-fit implement attachment frame allows attachments to be changed without the operator having to leave the cab. A top speed of 40 km/h, agricultural type towing hitches and a hydraulic trailer braking system make the Agrovector an ideal machine also for transport tasks.

More lifting force, more reach.
Hydraulics have always been a strong point of DEUTZ-FAHR design - the hydraulic system installed on the Agrovector range results in fast cycle times and high outputs. Due to a powerful load sensing hydraulic system (with a variable displacement pump capable of delivering oil at 150 l/min at 250 bar) and the innovative geometry of the telescopic boom, the new Agrovectors have an outstanding lifting capacity which make load handling operations that much more simple and efficient. . The boom suspension system ensures maximum comfort even when travelling over rough terrain.

Main characteristics

Models 37.6 37.7
Lifting height 6m 7m
Lifting capacity at max. height 3.7t 3.7t


Electro-hydraulic joystick control
All the main functions of the telehandler can be controlled from the joystick. Not only is proportional actuation of the telescopic boom controlled from this lever, but also gear shifts and directional changes.

Remote valves
The Agrovector is equipped as standard with a double-acting remote valve on the telescopic boom. On request, a double-acting remote valve can also be installed on the rear of the machine. Both remote valves can be controlled from the joystick.

Powerful engines with low fuel consumption
The latest-generation turbo diesel engines are both powerful and economic, ensuring maximum operating efficiency in all kinds of work. The modern 4-cylinder, 3.6 litre engine, with water cooling, high-pressure common rail injection means more power, reduced fuel consumption and respect for the environment.

The Agrovector engine, which has been specifically optimised for use in a telescopic handler, is capable of delivering constant power over wide torque and speed bands. The Powershift transmission (4 FWD + 3 REV) transmits engine power to the wheels with maximum efficiency and minimum power loss.

Three steering modes
The three steering modes, two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering and crab steering are selected simply by depressing a push button. All these functions and features – combined with a steering angle of 56° - make the Agrovector an efficient machine capable of manoeuvring safely in the tightest of spaces. The new Agrovector 37.6 / 37.7 models are equipped as standard with automatic axle repositioning.

Comfortably in control
Despite its sleek, aerodynamic profile, the Agrovector cab is one of the roomiest in its class, with a comfortable seat and plenty of space for the operator. As on all DEUTZ-FAHR machines, the controls are intelligently laid out and easily identifiable and, with the engine mounted low down on the right hand side and the boom pivot point at the rear, there is high degree of all round visibility along with a low centre of gravity.

Maintenance has never been simpler
The design of the hood is such that it allows access to components requiring servicing. No other telehandler on the market today can boast a similar degree of simplicity when it comes to maintenance. Access to the engine and the radiator is simply a question of removing the hood, an easy operation which requires no tools and which can be performed from the ground. All points of the engine, hydraulic system and transmission subject to routine maintenance are deliberately located in the best possible position for easy access. The reversible cooling fan means that the cooling pack can be cleaned of debris without the operator even having to leave the cab.

The Agrovector has long intervals between routine services. Engine oil changes are every 500 hours, while hydraulic system oil and filters require changing every 1500 hours – intervals which reduces the running costs.

About SDF:
Based in Treviglio, Bergamo (northern Italy), the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR (SDF) group is one of the world's leading makers of tractors, combine harvesters, agricultural machinery and engines. SDF products are manufactured and marketed worldwide under the SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR, LAMBORGHINI Trattori, LAMBORGHINI GREEN PRO, HÜRLIMANN and GRÉGOIRE brands.

Tractors range from 23 up to 270 hp, and combine harvesters from 100 up to 395 hp.
In 2011, SDF employed some 2850 people worldwide and recorded sales turnover of € 1,115 million, generating a profit of € 62 million (EBIT).


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