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Shropshire Herd Takes Top Place In NMR Annual Report

John Shropshire’s herd from Bridge Farm in Market Drayton, has moved into top place in the Holstein herd production rankings published in the latest NMR Annual Production Report (APR). The report ranks all recorded herds based on fat and protein production for the year ending September 2012.

John runs the herd with his sister Melanie Phillips. In the past 12 months they have increased production from their 49-cow herd to move from 33rd place in 2012 to this year’s top spot. The herd recorded a yield of 13,433kg of milk with 908kg of fat and protein on a robotic milking system. Calving interval for the herd was 426 days.

John Shropshire with his sister Melanie and their cow Floss

John Shropshire with his sister Melanie and their cow Floss

In second place and moving up from 14th position is Andrew Deacon’s 236-cow herd from Boyes Farm near Preston in Lancashire. This family farm is run by Andrew and his mother Jean. This pedigree herd produced 12,621kg of milk and 885kg of fat and protein on three-times-a-day milking. Calving interval for the herd was 446 days.

Dorset producer Nick Cobb keeps his place in the top three. His 731-cow Chalclyffe herd from Dorchester averaged 12,917kg of milk and 874kg of fat and protein on three-times-a-day milking. This herd reduced its calving interval by a day to 383 days, recording the lowest interval in the top 10 herds and the third lowest in NMR’s top 1% of Holstein herds.

Fourth place – and moving up from fifth – is the Higgins’ Wilderley Hall herd from Pulversbatch in Shropshire. Milked three times a day and with 230 recorded lactations, the average yield was 12,718kg with 870kg of fat and protein. Calving interval for the herd was 433 days.

In fifth place was 2012’s number-one herd, Gerald Allsop’s Enchmarsh herd from Church Stretton in Shropshire. His 68 cows averaged 11,576kg of milk with 868kg of fat and protein on twice-a- day milking and had a calving interval of 397 days.

New to the top 10 is Stuart Harvey’s Dumfries-based herd from Beeswing. Mother Margaret and sons Stuart and John’s 211 cows averaged 11,913kg of milk and 862kg of fat and protein on three-times-a-day milking . The average calving interval was 404 days. This herd was also presented with the 2012 AgriScot Scottish Dairy Farm of the Year at the event in November 2012.

Also within the top 10 and newcomer to NMR’s top 1% are the Sercombes from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. In eighth place, this herd of 32 cows produced 11,726kg of milk and 844kg of fat and protein.

Another newcomer and in ninth position equal with Mike Miller’s Gold Cup winning herd from Evesham is father-and-son team Eifon and Wyn Jones from Llandyfaelog near Carmarthen.

The Jones’ herd of 142 cows recorded a yield of 10,983kg of milk and 842kg of fat and protein on twice-a-day milking. This herd also won the Jones and Lloyd Cup in the 2012 Carmarthenshire Herds Competition for the highest number of points on inspection and production within the large herds.

Other Breeds
The Ayrshire breed sees a line up of three new herds at the top with Tony Hack’s herd from Ceredigion in top place followed by the Harvey’s herd from Cornwall in second place. In contrast to these two small herds of eight and seven cows respectively, Mark Callander’s 683-cow herd from Castle Douglas, Dumfries, is in third place with 9,382kg of milk and 676kg of fat and protein on three-times-a-day milking. The herd average calving interval was 391 days.

Two new herds, both owned and run by the Wadmans from Holton near Wincanton in Somerset are new to the top 1% and in places one and two. A family farm, son Ian keeps a small herd of 13 cows within the family’s larger herd of 183 cows that averaged 6,772kg of milk and 731kg of fat and protein with a calving interval of 390 days. Ian’s herd, in top place, averaged 7,283kg of milk with 772kg of fat and protein. Dedicated Jersey enthusiasts, parents Jean and Claude are well-known as breed judges around the world.

A newcomer at the top of the Friesian rankings is Brian Archer’s 123-cow herd from Hilton, Derby. This herd averaged 8,742kg of milk and 630kg of fat and protein with a calving interval of 410 days.

Top Holstein Genetic Ranking
The NMR Annual Report shows no change in the top two Holstein herds ranked on genetic merit. In top place is T H Davis’ 112-cow herd from Gloucestershire with a PLI of £122 – up £21 from the year ending September 2011.2012. In second place is A G Ludwell’s 256-cow herd from Devon with a PLI of £110 – an increase in 12 months of £12.

Breed Averages
Key health and fertility traits have improved in the main dairy breeds in NMR’s latest Annual Production Report (APR) for the year ending September 2012.

The five dairy breeds that have more than 1% of total recordings – dominated by the Holstein with 90% then the Jersey, Ayrshire, Friesian and Shorthorn – have all recorded a fall in average somatic cell counts. The first three breeds have also reduced their average calving interval with the Friesian remaining at the 2011 level.

The Holstein cell count, now at 196,000cells/ml, is at its lowest level for seven years. Calving interval has fallen too, to 419 days, again back to the 2005/06 level.

The Ayrshire, Shorthorn and Friesian have the lowest cell count averages among the dairy breeds at 171,000cells/ml, 167,000cells/ml and 172,000cells/ml respectively.

While the Jersey and Ayrshire have reduced their average calving intervals to 403 days and 405 days, respectively, the Shorthorn and Friesian still have the best average at 398 days and 401 days.

Little change is recorded in average yields with the Holstein now averaging 8621kg of milk and 611kg of fat and protein. The Ayrshire and Shorthorn have shown the greatest increase in yields. Average for the Ayrshire is now 6990kg of milk and 512kg of fat and protein. The Shorthorn averaged 6337kg of milk and 454kg of fat and protein.

A full list of breed averages and production and genetic rankings for NMR recorded herds are available on the NMR website www.nmr.co.uk NMR customers can access the information using an individual password available from NMR on 0844 7255567.


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