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Increased Feed Efficiency with Rumitech

With finisher margins tight, there is a need to focus on feed efficiency to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

To this end, Harbro has been working over the past 18 months with a unique product, Rumitech which has been shown to greatly improve feed efficiency by reducing methane loss from the rumen.

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

In many ways, this new product works like Romensin used to do by reducing the feed required for each kilo of weight gain – a huge benefit with today’s feed prices.

To test the product, Harbro carried out trials with prominent Aberdeenshire beef farmers, Thomson and Michael Wilson. Rumitech is aimed at reducing methane but the main benefit that was established was the massive difference the product was making to feed efficiency.

At the Wilson’s farm, Brownhill of Annochie, a finishing diet of home-grown moist barley, Invercrombies, sugar beet, pot ale and Grampian Intensive Finisher minerals was fed to large finishing steers for the last 100 -120 days before slaughter. A batch of cattle was randomly selected and Rumitech was added to the diet. Within two weeks, it was noted that the cattle being fed Rumitech were consuming much less compared to the control group.

Intakes and weight gains were closely monitored right through to slaughter in all finishing cattle on the farm. Weight gains were very similar between all the cattle but the key result from the trial was that the Rumitech group had an intake of 20% less than the control group. This impressive figure mirrored the results in the previous trials with this product.

The trial was repeated again on this farm with a consistent result to the original trial, with the Wilsons also finding that the cattle fed on Rumitech were achieving a better killing out percentage than their other cattle.

With the dramatic rise in grain future prices and a greater drive for efficiency, this product will have an important place in reducing feed costs in finishing diets this year.

Rumitech is available exclusively from Harbro for use finishing diets through inclusion in Grampian Minerals, Champion concentrates or finishing compounds, Goldstock RF nuts and Beefstock nuts.


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