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NSA Urges Sheep Farmers to Complete Lambing Survey

The long awaited lamb survey is now available to capture what affect the poor weather and disease threat are having on the 2012/13 lamb crop.

The NSA is urging every sheep farmer in England, Wales and Scotland to fill it online here.


To facilitate this, NSA is offering a service to its members who do not have internet facilities to call the NSA office and complete the survey over the phone instead. They can call the office any day during the week (9am-5.30pm) on 01684 892661, preferably with their NSA membership number to hand.

Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says: “The incredible number of phone calls and emails we are receiving about Schmallenberg shows how much frustration the lack of information about the disease is causing amongst sheep farmers. No in-depth information is being collected by the Government but we are pleased that pressure from NSA has resulted in AHVLA coming together with us and other industry organisations to develop a short questionnaire that will help us answer some of the questions we have.

“Of course Schmallenberg is not the only problem out there, and so it is also important to capture information linked to the unprecedented challenge presented by liver fluke, as well as waterlogged grazing and poor quality silage.

“The more farmers that fill in this form the better the information that we will be able to gain, so I do urge all sheep farmers to complete the survey themselves and spread the word to neighbours and friends.”

The survey should be completed once you have finished lambing, and should be completed twice or more if you lamb ewes in two or more batches. It should take about 10 minutes to complete and you will need information on the number of ewes and losses between then and lambing. The survey is a joint initiative between NSA, AHVLA, Eblex, HCC, NBA, NFU and QMS.


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