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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Firmer

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly prime and cast sheep sale at Kirkby Stephen Mart on Tuesday night, (5th Feb) where an entry of 1,126 prime hoggs and 333 cast ewes and rams were forward.

Topping the sale at 210.5p/kg were a pen of Beltex cross hoggs from Jack Buckle, Shepherds View and were purchased by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

Champion Rough Fells from Messrs Carruthers

Champion Rough Fells from Messrs Carruthers

The Rough Fell prime Hogg show was held which was judged by Paul Harrison, who awarded his first prize to a pen of five hoggs from Messrs Carruthers, Rawfoot, Bampton. They later went on to realise £60 (43.5kg) and were purchased by the Judge.

1st Messrs Carruthers, Rawfoot (43.5kg) - £60
2nd Messrs Carruthers, Rawfoot (41kg) - £55.30
3rd Messrs Carruthers, Rawfoot (41kg) - £54.80

Trade for all classes of sheep was once again firmer, with the overall average being 10p/kg up on the week and many more hoggs could have been sold to a strong demand.

Prime Lambs
Price per Head

Texel £85.80 Woodfoot; £84.80, £77.80, £77.30, £76.30, £75.30 Lansmere; £80 Maison Gill; £76.80, £75.80, £74.80 Croglin Low Hall; £76.80 Howgill Grange; £69.80, £68.30 Greystone House; £68.80 Black Syke
Beltex £80 Shepherds View; £77.30 Woodfoot; £70.80 Hall OTh Gate; £69.80 Hesket Demain; £68.80 Greystone House
Dutch Texel £75.80 Thorney Scale; £70 Levens Close
Rouge £77.80 Woodfoot
Cheviot £67.30 Shawmire
Suffolk £65.80 Black Syke; £65.30 Sawbridge Hall; £65 Amersber Cottage
Mule £64.80 Haber; £63.30 East Lowfield; £60.30 Roseleigh
Bluefaced Leicester £63.80 Howgill Grange
Rough Fell £60, £55.30, £54.80, £50 Rawfoot
Blackface £57.80 Laneside
Swaledale £56.80 Glebe Farm; £55.80 Eden Flatt; £55.80, £54.30 High Stennerskeugh; £54.80 Glebelands; £53.80 Poppin Cottage; £53.30 Haber; £51.30, £50.80 Lanehead Farm.

Price per Kilo
Beltex 210.5p Shepherds View; 178.7p Greystone House; 175.7p Woodfoot
Texel 177.8p, 161.4p Maison Gill; 168.7p Levens Close; 165.8p, 165.7p Black Syke; 164.9p Breaks Hall; 162.9p Greystone House; 162.5p Haithwaite; 161.5p Lansmere; 161.2p Stoney Head; 160p Green Farm
Dutch Texel 172.3p (2), 164.5p Thorney Scale
Cheviot 151.2p Shawmire
Rouge 151.1p Woodfoot
Mule 143.6p Roseleigh; 140.9p Haber; 140.8p Howgill grange
Swaledale 140.5p Glebelands; 138.5p Glebe Farm; 137.5p High Stennerskeugh; 136.7p Haber; 135p Lanehead Farm; 133.7p Ashgill Farm
Rough Fell 137.9p, 134.9p, 133.7p Rawfoot

Cast Ewes and Rams
Bluefaced Leicester £70 Blades Field Farm
Texel £70 Blades Field Farm; £69.50 Abbey Park; £68.50 Waitby Farm; £68.50 Hawkrigg Farm; £66.50 Easegill Head; £65.50 Thorney Scale
Blackface £67.50, £60.50 Castle Hill
Cheviot £67.50 Wharton Hall
Suffolk £66.50, £65.50 Waitby Farm
Mule £58.50 Elm Pot; £53 Greenside; £50.50 Maison Gill; £50.50 Elm Pot
Rough Fell £39.50 Lockholme Hall
Swaledale £35.50 Blades Field Farm; £34.50 Midtown Farm; £33.50 Easegill Head; £30.50 Lockholme Hall


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