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Book your Beef Expo 2013 Trade Stand Now

Potential trade exhibitors for this year's Beef Expo 2013 organised by the National Beef Association and being held at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, on Thursday 23 May, should book stand space now to guarantee attendance.

Event organiser Euan Emslie said trade stand space was selling fast for this year's event which is being billed as 'A Festival of British Beef'. "Bookings are coming in thick and fast, with many of the slots already filled and many companies booking extra space compared to last year's event."

Beef Expo

With this being the second year in a row that the event has taken place at Malvern once again there is a wide variety of both inside and outside trade stand space available.

"Many exhibitors are booking this year having had a very successful event at Malvern last year, despite the week of good weather around that coincided with the event. The facilities at the Three Counties Showground are ideal for the event and this is making it all the more appealing to trade stand exhibitors," he explained.

The venue's location right in the heart of the border country means it is in one of the prime livestock producing areas of the UK and is within easy reach of south west England, Wales and much of the midlands and northern England, said Mr Emslie.

Adding to the event this year will be a range of working machinery demonstrations which will allow farmers the opportunity to see a number of pieces of essential beef farming machinery at work.

"Static machinery demonstrations are great for looking at the fine detail of a machine, but what farmers really want to know is how well a machine does the job it is intended for. These working demonstrations will do just that and will mean farmers can assess just which machine is right for their farm situation and workload."

A number of leading manufacturers have already booked their demonstration slots and many others are in the process of finalising the machines they will be demonstrating, he added.

This year’s event comes at a critical time for the industry, with many beef farmers looking to refine systems and increase efficiencies after another tough winter, said Mr Emslie. "But recent food chain issues have highlighted that demand for top quality British beef is high and is ever growing.

"Traceability and provenance have been heavily highlighted in recent weeks and British beef farmers are in an excellent position to make the most of the current situation."

However, rising input costs coupled with a hard year last year mean many beef farmers are still struggling to make ends meet, he said. "Beef Expo 2013 represents an excellent opportunity for beef farmers to examine ways of refining their businesses and as such it is an event suppliers and associated trade companies cannot afford to miss out on."


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