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Former Holstein Classifier Joins Worldwide Mating Service

Former Holstein classifier, Neil Greggor, has joined World Wide Sires UK where he is working as an evaluator for the company’s mating program across the south of England.

Covering counties from Cornwall to Kent, Neil operates the Worldwide Mating Service (WMS) for milk producers who are seeking impartial, corrective breeding recommendations for cows in their herd.

Neil Greggor

Neil Greggor

Neil has formerly worked for World Wide Sires in both South Africa and the UK, although began his career as a classifier for the South African Holstein Society.

Now returning to WWS after a short stint away from the company, he says the quality and independence of the company’s mating program were the main things that drew him back.

“WMS is known as the premier mating program throughout the world, and as a WMS evaluator I can see exactly why its reputation is so high and its popularity so great,” he says. “Each cow put through the system is evaluated for 17 type traits and her weaknesses matched to the chosen bull’s strengths, with the result that the farmer makes the best possible use of the genetics at his disposal and reliably protects against inbreeding.

“Customer satisfaction is a tremendous incentive and I like nothing more than seeing a uniform herd of cows that are suited to the customer and their particular dairying system,” he says.

“I’m delighted to be back with the WWS UK team whose enthusiasm and knowledge of genetics and the farming industry are a constant source of motivation.”

Neil Greggor can be contacted on 07817 232373 or for other regions’ WMS evaluators, call Freephone: 0800 1613371.

WMS is available free of charge to customers of World Wide Sires UK.

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