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They Will Only Realise How Good We Were When We Are Gone

We have been told the meat supply chain is long and has many individuals involved, does it need to be like this?

I think no, says Chris Mallon National Director of the National Beef Association. “Why does it have to be so convoluted when we produce beef and lamb which is the envy of the world and it is locally grown in the UK. Would sense and reason not point to the use of beef and lamb produced from the countryside of Britain?”

Luing Cattle

photo © Jennifer MacKenzie

There is a supposed commitment to reduction of the carbon foot print and the support of local producers by retailers yet some of our processed food has travelled more than Phileas Fogg.

British beef supplied by British farmers is a quality product with a traceable life history and importantly is a local product, produced by a mixture of the British environment and generations of farmer dedication.

If you want to see where your British beef comes from, get on a train, bus, bike or get in your car, travel a few miles and when you look at the countryside surrounding you that’s the start of the British beef supply chain, no passport required.

Consumers should be demanding that retailers whether small local butchers or large multi nationals show a commitment to British produce. The more local that produce is the better for everyone including the environment.

Hamish MacBean Chair of the NBA states, “Our locally produced British beef has nothing to do with this horsemeat scandal, it is time for the supermarkets to fully support the beef industry before it is allowed to fade away.”

Beef production is struggling to make a profit and more often a loss, cattle numbers are falling, young farmers are leaving the industry, CAP reforms are threatening us and red tape is strangling us, so if the supermarkets want to ensure their future supply of farm assured, locally produced, high welfare and uniquely traceable beef it is time now that they stand shoulder to shoulder with British farmers and make a proper commitment to us for their shoppers and for their shareholders sake, otherwise British beef production may become a European museum display of best practice.


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