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Record Easy Calving High Performance Charolais Entry Attracts Record Interest at Stirling

British Charolais breeders’ commitment to delivering bulls to meet with commercial farmers’ demand is reflected in the Stirling catalogue and its pre-sale interest.

Of the 255 bulls catalogued to come under the hammer on Tuesday 19 February, almost a quarter are within the breed’s top 25% for calving ease and over half are within the top 25% terminal sire index (TI) estimated breeding value (EBV).

Charolais Bull

British Charolais Cattle Society chief executive David Benson commented: “With two weeks to go before the sale, the online catalogue has had a record 62,400 hits from a record number of 2,026 IP addresses, figures that demonstrate the level of interest in Charolais as the terminal beef sire.

“95% of the catalogued entry is recorded by Breedplan, the genetic evaluation system which the society has used for recording purposes over the last six years; during which time it has certainly helped breeders to make more carefully informed decisions and subsequently produce higher quality Charolais.

“Breedplan is based on variation within and between each recording member’s herd and all data is checked and if necessary confirmed before going into the valuation. Furthermore, an accuracy value is represented with the EBV of every recorded animal indicating the amount of information that has been used in the calculations of that figure; the higher the percentage the less chance there is of these figures altering as the animal and its relatives are further analysed over time.”


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