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New Rotary Cultivator for Mulching Vegetable Crop Residues

OPICO is launching a new version of the 4.78m wide Maschio Pantera rotary cultivator, modified specifically for vegetable growers. The new model is fitted with wheels instead of a packer roller, giving more above-ground clearance for the mulching of bulky crop residues, e.g. cabbages.

The wheels are lighter than a packer roller, so this machine can be used on a smaller tractor, and still has the width to maximise work rates.

Maschio Pantera

4.78m Maschio Pantera with wheels

The Pantera’s blades can work down to a 29cm depth. The wheel settings are adjustable so allowing better control of working depth when rotavating row and bed crops. The Pantera also includes hydraulic depth control so the operator can adjust the rotavator’s working height from the cab in work.

The Pantera has a heavy duty frame, and the wheel frame itself is removable, giving flexibility of use. It is suitable for 300hp tractors, and folds down to a 2.5m transport width.

Other features include Duo-cone waterproof bearings, tested and proven in paddy fields, which enable it to be used successfully in very wet conditions.

The 4.78m Maschio Pantera with wheels weighs 2,900kg and retails at £31,629+VAT.

For more information and details of their nearest Maschio dealer, vegetable growers can contact OPICO on 01778 421111, or visit www.maschio.co.uk


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