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Stackyard News Dec 2012

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New Proven Bull Line-Up Builds Confidence in Genomic Sires

Confidence in genomic indexes has grown with the December 2012 proof run as a whole swathe of young Holstein sires has emerged with indexes which are now based on daughter performance.

A daughter of Gone-Gold

Bigler Gone Gold

The bulls were previously sold on the strength of their genomic indexes calculated largely from their own DNA, but now have milking daughters which have reinforced their performance potential.

Breeding company, Dairy Daughters, adds five daughter-proven sires to its portfolio this month, three of which had previously been sold by the company as young genomic sires.
The former genomic bulls are Du-Su Fork (Bolton x Shottle); Ronelee Gold Digger (Goldwyn x Outside) and Dream-Prairie Shadow Boxer (Shottle x Goldwyn) while Hendel Bacardi (Baxter x Oman) and Gold-N-Oaks Gone-Gold (Goldwyn x Juror Ford) also join the company’s daughter-proven line-up.

Fork has an exceptional Type Merit of 3.22 which reflects the outstanding mammary, feet and leg traits of his daughters along with their dairy strength. Also transmitting outstanding milk production (PTA milk 775kg) with high fat plus protein (46.4kg), his daughters’ cell counts are amongst the lowest of the breed (SCC Index -28). Fork is bred from an exceptional type and production cow family, and his dam has classified VG87 and gave 14,760kg in her first lactation. His Profitable Lifetime Index is £160.

Digger transmits equally high type (TM 3.2) and also has a PLI of £160. With a Lifespan Index of an impressive 0.5, he is unmatched for these three important traits by any other bull available to UK breeders. It’s no surprise that Digger daughters also have outstanding health and fitness traits (including Fertility Index 2.3 and SCC Index -24), which combine with his EX91-2E dam and deep cow family to make him a leading-demand son of Goldwyn.

From the world-renowned Barbie family, Boxer was a heavy demand genomic sire who now comes through with an unusually high 502 daughters in his first production proof. Impressing for type (TM 2.34) with particularly good legs, feet, locomotion and strong udder support, he also transmits respectable milk production with very good components (+0.07 fat and +0.02% protein). He earns an overall PLI of £135.

Bacardi makes his debut in the Dairy Daughters line-up offering outcross bloodlines as well as the prospect of strong and healthy cubicle cows of moderate stature. Transmitting good daughter fertility and fitness traits combined with high quality milk production, he earns a PLI of £165. Out of a VG86 Oman daughter and with Aaron, Bell Elton and three further generations of VG/EX cows in his back pedigree, Bacardi will bring a fresh injection of vigour into UK herds.

Also new to the line-up following good performance in December, Gone-Gold has an impressive 303 daughters in his production proof. Combining 400kg PTA milk with positive components (+0.04% fat and +0.01% protein) the bonus of low cell counts (-20), long daughter lifespans (0.2) and a non-extreme linear profile showing plenty of daughter strength make him a well-balanced package that would suit most herds. His PLI is £145. Gone-Gold is also available as sexed semen.

“We are delighted to be adding some exceptional daughter-proven bulls to our line-up this month, which is made all the more gratifying by the confidence they are building in young genomic sires,” says Alison Dunphy, Dairy Daughters sales manager. “Three of these bulls were sold by Dairy Daughters as young genomic sires, and we couldn’t ask more than to bring them into the proven sire line-up with such impressive indexes.

“Dairy Daughters has a history of picking winners early in their breeding careers and was lucky to sell legends of the Holstein breed, including Oman and Planet, when they were virtually unknown,” she continues.

“With several new bulls added to our line-up this month, we hope we’ll find that we are repeating this performance as the breeding careers progress of some of our newest bulls.”

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