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Stackyard News Dec 2012

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Redefining Dairy Operations for the Next Generation

In the last 15 years, milking robotics and on-farm automation have gone from expensive curiosities to redefining the dairy farm. The growing use of robotics on Canadian dairy farms demonstrates this technology is not only proven, but that there isn’t just one approach to farming anymore.


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The up and coming Canadian Dairy XPO in Stratford this February 2013 will embrace the demand for precision farming, one which inspires both the current generation and the tech-savvy next generation.

The XPO will showcase several robotic manufacturers, allowing dairy producers a chance to see and compare the latest in automation and engage in live demonstrations. These demonstrations are applicable to all dairy operations, medium to large scale; free stall or tie stall.

“From my experience in helping to manage our family dairy operation, we need to strongly support the next generation of dairy farmers by staying competitive and embracing technology and change” states CDX programming and logistics
manager Val Jones. “This is essential to keeping youth on the farm and interested in daily operations. This is why CDX will be
showcasing the world’s leading robot manufacturers under the same roof, to give these farm families a chance to make decisions around innovation for their specific dairy operation”.

With robots tending to cow’s milking needs, dairy farmers can manage their time as they see fit – whether that’s taking a more active role in managing their operation’s genetics, nutrition or even spending more quality time with the family.

"Embracing this new robotic technology isn’t about cutting corners or becoming an absentee farmer. It allows flexibility with our roles on the farm and how we interact with our cattle and each other” states Rob McKinlay and Dwight Hargreaves, from Harcolm farms. “Our goal is to keep the farm focussed on our cows and attractive for our family’s next generation. Even though we already have a robot installed on our operation, we will attend the Canadian Dairy XPO as a family, to see the latest and greatest on the market today”.

If you’re not prepared to take the plunge into a “robo-retrofit” of your dairy operation, the XPO will also host a dairy education classroom, hay equipment innovation circuit, live genetic dairy daughter pens, complimentary producer breakfast, a global dairy summit meeting and several other interesting features.

“Our goal since the inception of the Canadian Dairy XPO concept was very simple, always keep the producer top of mind and create a hundred dollars plus in value for the attending producer”, states CDX founder and general manager Jordon Underhill. “Between the wide range of innovation and knowledge transfer initiatives happening onsite, we feel strongly that the value proposition is there for both the producer and the entire family unit and we invite all to attend and experience first-hand what CDX has to offer”.

The Canadian Dairy XPO takes place February 6th and 7th, 2013 at the Stratford Rotary Complex in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

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