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Orkel Compactors Baling 1000 Bales Daily

Even if the silage season has finished most places, some operations are still producing round bales. In England, an increasing proportion of waste products are being baled – for exports all over Europe.

Tim Russon is a contractor in Grimsby, UK, operating 2 machines, baling approximately 1000 bales daily.

Orkel MP 2000 compactor

Pvc, paper and textiles, also named RDF, is processed, fragmented and dried to a specific energy-product, well fit for heat production.

The cement industry is a big end user of the RDF. The main challenge of handling the RDF, is the low weight and voluminous character of the product. To be able to handle the product efficiently, the RDF is baled and wrapped with an Orkel MP 2000 Compactor, which has been proven to be well fit for this specific operation.

For baling the RDF, many contractors do 3 shifts with the Orkel machines. In Europe , a number of MP 2000 units are baling wastes. Quite a few of these do about 100.000 bales annually. The material has a moisture content of only 15 %, each bale weighing 650-750 kg. The environment of baling is very rough, plenty of dust and a lot of wear.

Tim Russon is a contractor in Grimsby, UK, operating 2 machines, baling approximately 1000 bales daily. Bales are loaded on a lorry or, as shown in the video, into a barge. Transportation becomes efficient, and the Orkel bales are well received by customers.

These are samples of how Orkel baling technology is entering into new areas of operation.

Quality and competence is an important part of the success.

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