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New VPTech Nozzle Ideal for Autumn Grassweed Spraying

The new VPTech nozzle assembly introduced by Hypro is designed to provide the ideal spray configuration for pre-and post-emergence autumn sprays. It delivers a flat fan spray containing a mixed droplet spectrum, which is ideal for the greatest coverage of small grass weed targets.

The VPTech nozzle assembly comprises a Hypro VP spray tip set at a 30deg angle from vertical in a TwinCap body with the second tip holder blanked off.

Hypro VPTech nozzle

“Getting all the spray to the target and achieving uniform coverage is absolutely critical to making the most of pre-emergence autumn herbicides and getting blackgrass control off to a good start,” says Roger James, Hypro product manager. “The new VPTech nozzle can help by delivering a mixed droplet spectrum including fines, and by producing the correct overlap pattern for different boom heights – 110 degrees for 50cm boom height or 80 degrees for 50-70cm.

The VPTech nozzle assembly comprises a Hypro TwinCap body, one 80 or 110 degree VP tip and a blanked second outlet. This is a versatile and flexible approach because different sizes of VP tip can be inserted easily or exchanged for a different tip design for other spraying jobs. Replacing the blank with a second spray tip creates a twin spray nozzle for applications where forward and rearward angled sprays from one nozzle are advantageous.

For autumn spraying to combat grass weeds, the 30 degree inclination of the spray jet is a key feature; Hypro recommends that nozzles are fitted so the tips face alternately forwards and backwards along the boom. This overlapping inclined pattern will ensure effective coverage of both sides of the target – whether soil clods when applying pre-emergence sprays or small grass weeds when spraying post-emergence.

“In laboratory trials, we found that spray coverage on to small artificial blackgrass targets was increased by an average of 8% when the spray was inclined 30 degrees forwards and backwards compared to spraying straight down,” says Roger James.

The VPTech nozzle is available in five 80deg and seven 110deg sizes from 02 to 06 to suit different spraying situations and speeds.

VPTech nozzles

Although spraying with the lowest possible boom height is always the preferred way to minimise spray drift, the 80 degree version of the VPTech is helpful where this is impractical. It produces a smaller proportion of the finest, most drift-prone droplets and a slightly larger average droplet size.

“It can be difficult and risky to set the boom to the 50cm spraying height recommended for a 110 degree nozzle when the target for autumn spraying is at ground level,” notes Roger James. “In a survey of farmers representing over 50,000ha of cropping at last year’s Cereals Event, we found that 93% had concerns about boom height when autumn spraying.

“Setting the boom too high means spray overlap is not ideal and spray drift is increased, especially at higher speeds when there is little or no vegetation,” he adds. “Thanks to its droplet spectrum, the VPTech 80o allows the boom to be set 50-70cm from the ground with greater confidence.”

As a variable pressure design, the VPTech offers the flexibility to spray at just 1 bar pressure, giving a high level of control over spray quality. With five 80deg tips and seven 1110deg sizes from 02 to 06, operators can use that feature to select a wide range of spray qualities to suit different targets and circumstances, from coarse to fine depending on tip size and operating pressure.

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