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GEA Brushes Up on Cow Welfare

Brushing up on the welfare of your cows is now even easier says GEA Farm Technologies as it launches new range of cow brushes.

The angled M-Brush allows cows to groom their sides and flanks as well as their backs.

cow brush

The horizontal E-Brush and angled M-Brush are part of the new Mullerup range which produces automated barn and feeding systems.

GEA Farm Technologies Farm Equipment Manager, Martin Partington, said: “Grooming is of considerable biological and social importance to cows. Brushing the skin removes dirt and improves circulation. For the farmer this results in calm and happy cows and increased milk yield - Research has shown that cows that use a brush can produce up to 3.5% more milk.”

The brushes are powered by an electric motor and rotate when the cow rubs up against them. Made from strong wear-resistant nylon bristles the brushes have a robust structure which can withstand the forces yielded by cows and since they provide some resistance, the cows are able to apply pressure without pushing the brushes out of their reach.

The horizontal E-Brush has a compact pendulum style enabling it to fit into most livestock buildings. The angled M-Brush allows cows to groom their sides and flanks as well as their backs.

Call 02476 692 333 or email for more information. Alternatively visit

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