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The Lely Tigo XR: Versatile Forage Wagon

The ultimate combi wagon has to meet all demands; it should be a harvesting machine providing high-quality roughage and the ultimate forage transport wagon at the same time. With the introduction of the new Lely Tigo XR, Lely sets a new standard.

The new Lely Tigo XR sets a new standard

Lely Tigo XR

A clever head!

The front of the wagon includes the major upgrade of this new range. The new feature is a tiltable bulk head, which meets various functions: variable automatic loading system, extra loading space, discharge assistance as well as a providing an excellent view during filling by means of a forage harvester.
Large capacity and yet a compact wagon!
Once the Tigo XR has been filled, this loader wagon unveils its greatest asset. The bulk head is tipped forward in a few steps to create an extra loading space of 6m3 above the crop intake unit The result: due to this extra space, the loader wagon can be 1 m shorter than existing models on the market place, while ensuring a much better weight distribution. During forage harvesting, the bulk head is always tipped forward so that the operator has a good view of what is going on in the wagon.

Easy adjustment of correct compaction pressure

Because of the great differences in crops it is absolutely necessary to be able to adjust compaction pressure with a view to maintaining nutritional value and structure. If the bulk head is slightly tilted forward, counter-pressure is reduced to avoid 'pulping' of wet and heavy crops; placing the bulk head a few degrees to the rear results in a higher compression pressure when handling dry and resilient crops.

A good start for discharging

The start of discharging a loader wagon is the most critical moment because the whole load has to be set in motion. Depending upon the model, the bulk head takes along 10 to 15% of the crop. This means that less weight is exerted onto the floor and consequently there is less weight that the floor chain has to set in motion. As soon as the floor chain starts, the bulk head, along with the crop, will incline to the rear and in the process it pushes on the complete crop mass in the wagon.

A wider superstructure, a wider pick-up as well as a wider rotor

To facilitate loading by means of a forage harvester and to be able to make better use of the wide carriages, the load bay has been widened by 20cm. By also widening the well-proven 800 mm Tigo rotor and the camless pick-up, perfect crop throughput is ensured. The exact working width of the maintenance-free pick-up amounts to 200 cm, which ensures optimal ease of operation when making bends. The broadened rotor is fitted with 45 knives, which feature central locking on these new models.

More effective crop intake for improved fodder quality

The ultimate question for silage operations is: how many litres of milk does it yield? As far as loader wagons are concerned, the crop intake system makes all the difference and all Tigo models are way ahead in terms of crop treatment and cutting quality. The Tigo models are renowned for the wide edges on the rotor tines as well as the minimum space to ensure optimal cutting results. In addition, the construction of the feed channel behind the rotor has been considerably lowered, so that the crop is pushed into the wagon faster and there is minimal contact between metal components and the crop. The combination of wide tines, a short feed channel and the upgraded compaction pressure control reduces the risk of ‘pulping’ to the bare minimum.

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