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Stackyard News Jun 2012

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Stackyard News


Bullsemen.comís Summer Genetics Sale
2012-06-29’s summer sale gives dairy farmers the opportunity to buy top quality genetics at remarkably competitive prices.

Holman daughter Genesee Holman

Holman daughter Genesee Holman

With 10 bulls in the sale, there is a great choice of traits on offer to help improve any herd. has a reputation for working with the best US, German, French and Irish genetics companies to secure top quality and good value semen and this group reflect that.

“These top quality bulls are available at their most competitive prices this year, giving producers a great opportunity to improve their herds over the coming years,” says managing director Nick Kirby.

The bull in the group with the highest PLI in the April proof run is Logan (Oman X BW Marshall). He offers the highest profitability to a herd with a PLI of 211. He also delivers A2 Beta Casein Protein milk, providing access to a growing market. Another A2 bull on the list is Gervase (Freddie X Goldwyn) with a PLI of 204. He also has a daughter fertility score of +4.6 and a lifespan score of + 0.3.

Meanwhile, two sexed semen bulls offer great benefits for any herd. JT has the highest milk production score in the sale at + 732kgs back up with a very good Type Merit score of +1.05. Fellow sexed semen bull Cavana has a Type Merit score of +1.16 and a buy one get one free offer makes the Oman X Hunter Orion bull even more attractive.

Producers looking to improve feet, leg and mammary traits will be impressed by the Goldwyn son Goldboy (Goldwyn X Ford). His UK Type Merit is an excellent +2.34 with feet and legs at +2.31 and mammary at +1.98. His Lifespan score of +0.3 also means that his daughters should deliver plenty of milk over a large number of lactations.

Also scoring well on type is Perry (Shot X Sharky) with excellent ratings for Type Merit (+2.20), legs and feet (+2.49) and mammary (+1.57).

Those looking for bulls that offer strong health traits can select the lowest priced bull of the group - Holman (Oman X Mtoto) whose -23% cell count score means he is an excellent choice for producers needing to reduce mastitis. The daughters score very well for calving ease at only 6% and remain in the herd longer with a lifespan score of +0.2. Holman is also available as sexed semen.

Another Oman son Garner (Oman X Patron) offers exceptional value while delivering a PLI of 172 and a milk score of + 495kgs. For those wanting production and good protein and fat scores will want to take a look at Santana (Shottle X Trent). His milk score is +626kgs supported by a fat rating of +29.7kgs and protein of +21.2kgs.

Completing the group is the Red Holstein Jerudo, who tops the list for daughter fertility (+5.4) and Lifespan at +0.4. This Jerom-son Jerudo comes from a family known for excellent longevity. Both grandmother and great grandmother had a lifetime production of more than 100,000 kg.

Health traits are particularly strong among the bulls in the summer sale. All the bulls are positive for Lifespan ranging up to + 0.4; all will improve mastitis in the herd and calving ease will be improved in the daughters with seven of the 10 bulls having an easy calving score.’s summer sale begins on the 1st of July 2012. Customers have been sent a brochure giving full details and prices of the 10 bulls. To order a copy of the brochure or secure semen from the sale call 0808 202 3230 or visit the website at

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