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New 5,300gns Dairy Shorthorn Record at Rodway Dispersal

Dairy Shorthorns established a new 5,300gns breed record in Kynnersley, Telford on Tuesday 22 May when Graham and Shirley Madeley dispersed their Rodway herd.

Rodway Sonnschein 15

Rodway Sonnschein 15

Sale leader was Rodway Sonnschein 15 classified VG 89, a red April calved cow in her fourth lactation by Kingsdale Libby’s Rebel. She secured the breed championship at the Royal Highland 2010, completed 8,542 litres in her last note and was accompanied by a LTY of 22,432 litres. The buyers were R and S Crank, Ince, Chester.

Sonnschein’s daughter, Rodway Sonnschein 19, a two year old red little white by Treeton Pimp was among the leading heifers at 2,600gns to WH Rawlins, Figheldean, Salisbury.

The day’s second highest bid of 5,000gns went to Rodway Red Rose 36, Ex 91, a red little white Rebel daughter in her fourth lactation. She came from a successful line of show cows, completed 6,573 litres in her previous lactation and had a 21,340 litre LTY. She sold to N Madeley, Monkhopton, Bridgnorth.

Leading the heifer trade at 4,600gns was Rodway Red Rose 42, a two year old red little white Treeton Pimp daughter and out of Rose 19 who was still continuing in her eleventh lactation with a 87,985 litres LTY. Rose 42 had run with Nejay Amadeus and was knocked down sold to N Boote, Dunham Hill, Chester.

Two heifers shared a bid of 3,600gns. First to go was Rodway Marie 76, another red little white Treeton Pimp daughter run with Amadeus. She sold to HV Wright, Houghton, Tarporley. Minutes later, Rodway Lady Barrington 34, a two year old who had run with Amadeus secured the second 3,600gns call from SR Booth, Stewartstown, Northern Ireland. This heifer was by Nejay Ernie and out of a dam with a 78,419 litres LTY in 11 lactations. The same buyer also went to 3,300gns for Rodway Barrington 101, another two year old Nejay Ernie daughter run with Armadeus.

Rodway Jenna 2, VG88, a six year old red Rebel daughter scheduled to calve her fifth next month to Nejay Amadeus, made 3,400gns to G Carter, Roscrae, County Tipperary. Jenna 2 yielded 8,416 litres in her fourth lactation and took the 2010 South West Dairy Show championship. Minutes before, Rodway Lisbet 2, Ex 90, a fourth calver by Rebel with a 35,439 litre LTY made 3,300gns to CD Malkin, Cotwalton, Stone.

Three entries were bid to 3,000gns apiece. First in the ring was Rodway Lady Barrington 22, Ex 90, a red little white newly calved cow in her third note. A Kingsdale Libby’s Rebel daughter she was out of a dam currently in her ninth lactation and a LTY 71,314 litres. The buyer was B Pugh, Market Drayton.

Next at 3,000gns was Rodway Butterbur 51, VG 85 a newly calved cow in her second note by the homebred Rodway Byron. She was knocked down sold to N Madeley. Whitchurch breeder, RST Morgan invested the third 3,000gns price tag in Rodway Mia 2, another spring calved Byron daughter in her second lactation.

Rodway Lady Laura 72, VG 89, a member of the Madeley’s Royal Highland champion interbreed progeny group, commanded a bid of 2,900gns from JC Hayward, Tuxford, Newark. A red Kingsdale Libby’s Rebel daughter she calved her fourth in January and had a LTY of 21,688 litres.

Lady Laura’s show team mate, the three year old Rodway Bluma 4, by Rodway Othello, secured the day’s second 2,900gns bid from WP Prichard, Letterston, Haverfordwest.

Sunrise Shorthorns, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland paid 2,800gns for Rodway Lady Laura 80, a roan two year Treeton Pimp daughter who had run with Amadeus. G Shuker and Sons, Whaley Bridge, High Peak bid 2,600gns for Rodway Greta 5, a January calved red little white heifer, by Nejay Ernie.

Averages: 50 cows in-milk £2,212.35; 9 dry cows £2,131.50; 26 heifers in-milk £2,366.54; 17 served heifers £2,294.56; 38 maiden heifers £1,250.88; 28 Heifer calves-‘A’ lots £886.87; 4 young bulls £853.12; 2 bull calves £630.00.

Auctioneers: Frank Marshall and Co

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