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Horsch Brings New Advanced Sprayers to UK

Horsch will bring three new sprayers to the UK, the self-propelled PT 270 and trailed GS 8000 and GS 6000, which it claims are the most technically advanced sprayers on the market today. The PT 270 and GS 8000 both feature 8000 litre tanks yet their compact design ensures they remain ease to operate and manoeuvre.

The Leeb GS 8000 is a trailed 8,000 litre sprayer

Leeb GS 8000

The high-specification sprayers are designed for reliable, precision spraying over large fields at speed using Horsch Leeb’s own specifically designed boom control that maintains a 25cm boom distance from the crops. Both the PT 270 and the GS 8000 can spray 600 l/ha at 12 km/h and with 30m boom.

The development of the machines is part of Horsch’s partnership with Leeb, the German manufacturer of sprayers. Horsch and Leeb have worked closely together for more than 16 years and have now formed a new company, Horsch Leeb Application Systems GmbH.

“These machines marry the latest sprayer technology with Horsch and Leeb’s renowned build quality and attention to detail. We don’t think there is a more advanced sprayer on the market,” said Stephen Burcham, Horsch UK sales manager.

Leeb PT 270
Designed to cover large areas, the 270hp PT 270 features a mechanical axis drive instead of hydraulics motors for better traction in hilly terrain and reliable 50 km/h road use.

The pneumatic nozzle control allows for individual, intelligent application techniques for an excellent wetting and penetration of the crop with a droplet size of 300 microns. The sprayer pipe can be specified with various nozzle body combinations including a single nozzle body with a 50cm horizontal spacing, double body with 25cm spacing and quadruple body with intermediate nozzles.

Designed to cover large areas, the 270hp PT 270 features a mechanical axis drive instead of hydraulics motors for better traction in hilly terrain and reliable 50 km/h road use.

Leeb GS 8000

A 25 cm nozzle spacing keeps drift to a minimum by ensuring the boom remains just 25cm above the crop. To enable this, Horsch Leeb has designed one of the most advanced boom contour following systems available. All sections of the boom can go above and below horizontal to keep the optimum boom height that is essential in nearly all spraying operations.

Available in working widths up to 36m, the steel sprayer boom uses positive-mode connections for durability and ease of use. The PT 270 is fitted with a rotary pump for low wear and long life performance, while the cleaning system uses the displacement principle for less water consumption and faster cleaning. A stainless steel tank is designed for a long life and easy cleaning without leaving any residues, and its 8,000 litre capacity can be refilled in just 8 minutes.

Leeb GS 8000 and GS 6000
The Leeb GS 8000 is a trailed 8,000 litre sprayer building on the strengths of the GS 6000, which was awarded “Machine of the Year” at the Agritechnica 2009. Designed to be extremely manoeuvrable, the GS 8000 is just 5.25m in length, has a low centre of gravity and optimum weight distribution to ensure a stable and smooth platform that has a low tractor horsepower requirement.

Mounted on a tubular frame, which allows control systems to be fully enclosed and protected, the GS sprayers feature stainless steel tanks that offer easy cleaning and residue-free interior wall surfaces. The underbodies of the frames are smooth to prevent any crop damage during operation.

The patented parallelogram boom design is highly warp resistant and hydraulically spring-loaded and cushioned to guarantee a soft and smooth boom position. The BoomControl system takes advantage of the stiff boom design for precision control to maintain the lowest possible working height even for high driving speeds and hilly terrain. The hydraulic proportional control allows for stepless, smooth movements with the central and outer boom sections independently controlled. In common with Horsch seeding equipment, steering and control of the sprayer is carried out from the tractor cab via a Muller Comfort terminal ISO-Bus system.

The tank cleaning system is typical of Horsch Leeb’s attention to detail. Carried out continuously, separate cleaning pump pushes clean water into the tank while the sprayer pump draws the flush water, resulting in an efficient and time-saving cleaning operation. After the cleaning procedure, the pressure pipes and the boom are emptied pneumatically.

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