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Strong Showing at Dragon Jerseyfest

The inaugural 'Dragon Jerseyfest', organised by Welsh & Shropshire Young Jersey Breeders, was held on Monday 9th April 2012 and was a resounding success, with over 50 animals forward for judging.

Champion Heifer - Glanmor Julian Igloo, owned by Glanmor Jerseys, with handler Jessica Hall

Glanmor Julian Igloo

Miss Izzy Whittaker did an excellent job in judging some difficult & close classes. A large crowd attended to watch the judging & they were rewarded with strong classes of quality Jersey cattle.

Credit has to go to the main organisers, Helen Carpenter, Helen Cox, Ffiona Jones & Sian Williams for all their hard work and to all the members for doing their bit to get the 'show on the road'. Also to Elwyn Thomas, Rhian Roberts, Sophie Richards, Barry Evans, Huw Evans & Carolyn Davies for keeping everything running smoothly in the ring.

The show was held at Carmarthen Livestock Centre by kind permission of BJP Auctioneers who kindly afforded the use the mart site & facilities.

Thanks must go to everyone who came to support on the evening and, lastly, but certainly not least, to the exhibitors who made the show such a success.


Class 1: Showmanship 10 yrs & under (5)
1st — Tanwen Cox
2nd — Elan Thomas
3rd — Dafydd Davies
4th — Dyfrig Thomas
5th — Aled Thomas

Class 2: Showmanship 11 — 16 yrs (6)
1st — Christie Baker
2nd — Ben Baker
3rd — Awen Davies
4th — Rhydian Jones
5th — Iwan Jones
6th — Awen Jones

Class 3: Showmanship 17 –21 yrs (3)
1st — Fflur Davies
2nd — Jessica Hall
3rd — Meinir Morgan

Class 4: Showmanship 22 –26 yrs (3)
1st — Kevin Rickard
2nd — Aled Morgan
3rd — Rhian Roberts

Champion: Fflur Davies

Reserve: Jessica Hall

Hon. Mention: Kevin Rickard

Class 5: Calf born after 1st Sept. ‘11 (5)
1st — Future Dreams Excitation’s Blossom — Future Dreams Partnership
2nd — Salfach On Time Yahoo — Salfach Jerseys
3rd — Salfach Senior Tulisa — Salfach Jerseys
4th — Glanmor Grand Prix Yellow — Glanmor Jerseys
5th — Morita Rolex Anon — M&N Davies

Class 6: Calf born 1st May — 31st Aug. ‘11 (5)
1st — Mydrim Grand Prix Louise — JD Evans
2nd — Future Dreams Excitation Veronica — Future Dreams Partnership
3rd — Glanmor Guapo Siswrn — Glanmor Jerseys
4th — Erie Regan Prance — K. Rickard & S Webber
5th — Morita Volcano Anon — M & N Davies

Class 7: Calf born 1st Jan — 30th April ‘11 (5)
1st — Salfach Suspicious Miley — Salfach Jerseys
2nd — Hillhoath Belmont Jingle — Claire Hart
3rd — Glanmor Xavier Ladybird — S. Williams
4th — Glanmor Xavier Riot — R. Batchelor
5th — Mydrim Excitations Tara — JD Evans

Champion Calf: Mydrim Grand Prix Louise

Reserve: Salfach Suspicious Miley

Hon. Mention: Future Dreams Excitation Blossom

Class 8: Heifer in Calf (to have calved by 2 1/2yrs) (7)
1st — Glanmor Julian Star — Glanmor Jerseys
2nd — Future Dreams Volcano’s Daffodil — Future Dreams Partnership
3rd — Glanmor Julian Catmint — Nicel Jerseys
4th — Mydrim Volcanos Lady — JD Evans
5th — Starlight Volcanid Daphne — S. Cussack
6th — Salfach Guapo Pepper — Salfach Jerseys
7th — Philmor Compos Cash — AJ Morgan

Class 9a: Junior Heifer in Milk (under 36 months) (6)
1st — Nicel Pilgrim Bella* - Nicel Jerseys
2nd — Glanmor Julian Jean — S. Williams
3rd — Nicel Adventure Liight — Nicel Jerseys
4th — Jubilee Excitation Ceres — JD Evans & Alex Hurd
5th — Nicel Belmont Zulu — Nicel Jerseys
6th — Glanmor Action Delight — Glanmor Jerseys

Class 9b: Seinior Heifer in Milk (over 36 months) (5)
1st — Glanmor Julian Igloo* — Glanmor Jerseys
2nd — Hardinge Iatolas Ladybird — K. Rickard & S. Webber
3rd — Glanmor Frosty Sambucca — Glanmor Jerseys
4th — Salfach Senior Lara — Salfach Connection Anon — M & N Davies

Champion Heifer: Glanmor Julian Igloo

Reserve: Nicel Pilgrim Bella

* - Best Udder

Class 10: Dry Cow (7)
1st — Mydrim Remake’s Tara 2 — JD Evans
2nd — Nicel Tonic Candy — Nicel Jerseys
3rd — Salfach Senior Maine — Salfach Jerseys
4th — Pukeko Sooty — Glanmor Jerseys
5th — Rise Totem 62 — AJ Morgan
6th — Hillhoath Brass Bayleaf — R. Batchelor
7th — Danish DH Lick Jane — AJ Morgan

Class 11: Junior Cow in Milk (having calved 2 or 3 times) (7)
1st — Nicel Minister Clemency* — Nicel Jerseys
2nd — Tregenna Zik Sauna — Glanmor Jerseys
3rd — Glanmor Saber Miami — Glanmor Jerseys
4th — Montgomery Manhattan Twilight — Nicel Jerseys
5th — Nicel Adventure Dulcette — Nicel Jerseys
6th — Starlight Remake Daphne — S. Cussack
7th — Salfach Karma Pennsylvania — Salfach Jerseys

Class 12: Senior Cow in Milk (having calved 4 times or over) (3)
1st — Longhills Crecent Zulu* - Nicel Jerseys
2nd — Glanmor Romeo Snowhite — Glanmor Jerseys
3rd — Nicel Leland Bev — Nicel Jerseys

Cow Progeny Class
1st — Longhills Crecent Zulu/Nicel Belmont Zulu (Dam & Daughter) — Nicel Jerseys
2nd — Salfach Senior Maine/Salfach Suspicious Miley (Maternal Sisters) — Salfach Jerseys
3rd — Pukeko Sooty/Glanmor Julian Star (Dam& Daughter — Glanmor Jerseys

Champion Cow: Longhills Crecent Zulu

Reserve: Nicel Minister Clemency

Best Udder: Longhills Crecent Zulu

Exhibitor Bred: Glanmor Julian Igloo

photos available at: Welsh & Shropshire Young Jersey Breeders Facebook

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