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New Fulwood Robotic Slurry Scraper

A new robotic slurry scraper, which is suitable for use on all types of slatted floors and which offers a cost-effective alternative to chain scrapers as well as lighter daily workloads, is now available from Fullwood.

The Fullwood Robotic Slurry Scraper was first
showcased at the 2011 Dairy Event and Livestock Show
and is now available to order.

Fullwood Robotic Slurry Scraper

The Fullwood Robotic Slurry Scraper is suitable for use within any size of cubicle housing with slatted passageways. The scraper, which is fitted with high capacity batteries for long working intervals, operates at a speed of 4.0 to 5.5 metres per minute enabling it to cover large areas with ease. It is available with blades from 1.0 metre or 2.1 metres wide and can cover an area of 5,800 or 10,000 square metres per day respectively.

“The Fullwood slurry scraper is a cost-effective solution for slurry scraping in slatted housing,” explains Les Strickland, UK Sales Manager for Fullwood. “It is also easy to maintain with few wearing parts and is an economic solution for automatic scraping.”

The robot charges itself automatically by returning to a charging platform – located within the building for easy access – at the end of a pre-determined run. As soon as the battery reaches a pre-set level of charge the robot is ready for use and commences scraping automatically.

Several pre-determined cleaning routes can easily be programmed into the robot’s control unit. It is also able to turn on its own axis, making it able to work in very tight conditions. It can therefore clean the tightest of passageways and connecting walkways.

“Clean passageways are essential for high cow welfare,” Mr Strickland continues. “Regular removal of slurry prevents a build-up of muck and is known to have beneficial effects on hoof health as well as preventing the spread of mastitis. But keeping on top of muck handling can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. Automatic chain scrapers are used to good effect on many dairy farms, but can be costly and inconvenient to retro-fit.

“The Fullwood scraper is quick and easy to install and works almost silently, causing minimal disturbance to cows. And if a cow blocks the robot’s path, the machine will try four times to bypass the cow without causing her stress or injury.”

The Fullwood Robotic Slurry Scraper was first showcased at the 2011 Dairy Event and Livestock Show and is now available to order. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in automated milking solutions, this is Fullwood’s latest offering for farmers who are looking to automate their daily workload in order to free-up more time to concentrate on herd management and business development.

Fullwood Robotic Slurry Scraper facts

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